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Thoughts on 2-Channel System (First Post)


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If 2 channel is what you're going for, you can get a nice integrated (new) for something close to the price of the receiver you mentioned. Specifically, the Marantz PM6005 or PM5005. Very nice. Not a ton of WPC, but then you don't need much with Heresies. Before I upgraded to Cornwalls with Parasound amps, I used a PM5003 on Heresies with great results. Just my thoughts.

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I would grab a set of mint Heresy II's before I dropped the cash on a set of new Heresy III's. I like the savings and you could always tinker with them later if you felt compelled.

Agreed and if you change your mind on the Heresy's you will sell for what you paid in all likelihood.

Best regards,


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I like the used receivers from the 70's for solid state. Some of the older tube set ups are reasonable. I was going to buy new Cornwalls but a deal came up on Khorns for less money and I just could not help myself.

As others have said, this can be a slippery slope for some of us. Always something out there that I just got to have. Not necessarily with what my wife would call good reason.

I'm just a kid with play toys. Who wants more toys.


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Welcome, I don't know if you have purchased anything. But I like my Scott 222 with my Heresy 1s. If you shop around, you could probably purchase both for about 1200 if not less. One thing to consider if it hasn't been mentioned anything older would need refurbished as the power supply could have some issues or other parts for that matter. On the marantz vs the McIntosh, even though the McIntosh is twice as much it has been refurbished, so that alone would set you pack a couple hundred bucks to have done the Marantz. Just a idea, some refurbished Scotts can be had for less then 800.00 a good deal on Heresies used would be around 400.00. It would sound great plus it may make the wife happier knowing you spent way less.

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Hey guys,

I've been reading this board off and on for about 10 years with dreams that one day I would have an adequate space and budget to start my desired 2-channel system. Well it appears that day is now upon me as my wife and I will soon be closing on our first house. Also, I finally just had to lay down the law with her and say that I was going to be making this purchase and there's nothing she could do to stop me. Maybe not the right way to go about it, but I apologized and we compromised.

So here is what I plan to purchase in the next few weeks and was hoping to get some feedback on these components.

*Heresy III (2) [Walnut]

*Marantz PM6005

*Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

*Marantz RX101 [bluetooth Adapter]

The system will be used exclusively for music sourced from the turntable (primarily) or Spotify (occasionally).

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Are you set on the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon ? Can you swing a little more $$$ If so I would look at the Marantz TT15 or the Rega RP6

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