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WTB RS 62 hanging brackets


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Bought a used pair of RS-62's and they are missing the keyhole brackets. Does anyone have a pair laying around, I think they probably are generic and fit many different size speakers. They do have threaded inserts which would probably mount them more securely anyway. Any ideas on where I may find some brackets.

Also, these speakers have very little low end sound and I don't know if that is generic to these speakers. They sound pretty "tinny" when I hooked them up to make sure they work. The RS-35's have much more bottom end to them

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If you can't find any, call Klipsch. They should have them.

Thanks, I'll do that on Monday. It looks like you have some RS62's. Are these speakers missing the low end. I have a pair of RS-35's and they are much more powerful than the 62's. I don't know if that's by design or not. The 62's appear to have good high and moderate mid range but completely lacking on the low end.

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Honestly, with RF83 and an RSW-15, I wouldn't be able to hear whether or not the RSW-62 have any low end at all. That's not what they were designed to do. If you are using a sub, low frequencies will be routed to the sub

Thanks for answering. Yes the sub does take all the lows, I was just comparing the RS-62 to the RS-35. The RS-35 has much more mid and low definition. The RS-62 is amazingly clear and crisp but seems like it's lacking some mid punch. I'm taking them to the dealer this week to have them listen to them.

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