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Vintage Rare 1950s Klispschorn speakers for sale!


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Hi everyone, I am looking for additional information and potential buyer regarding a pair of vintage 1950s klipschorn speakers in excellent and working condition. The serial#s are 1671-1672 on the cabinets and 1832 & 1681 on the horns. I'm looking for information regarding their collectibility, value and a potential buyer. I'm located in Houston so anyone local interested please msg me otherwise I can ship at buyer's expense.

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They're worth whatever someone will pay, that you're willing to accept.

A few years ago, I helped a friend sell two Klipschorns from the same vintage for $1,500 for both. They were factory finished with the veneer in good condition, those are raw plywood. If I were selling those and someone offered me $800 each, I'd sell at that price. I'd also take less.

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