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FS: SVS PB12-NSD Subwoofer $SOLD $


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Since getting my new Focal Chorus 836V's last week, I've been breaking them in running them full range with my sub out of the mix. I've played a ton of music, and I've watched several of my favorite concert BD/DVD titles. I have determined that the Focals deliver all the bass I desire on their own, therefore I no longer need a sub, so my SVS is now up for sale.

I purchased it on 7/8/14 (just over 2 months ago) from the SVS Outlet Store. When I got it and looked it over, I could only find one blemish on it. On the bottom/left/rear corner there is a ding. That's one of the best places to have a blemish, as it is not at all visible. Other than that, it looks new. I have all the original packing material, so I am willing to ship the sub at the buyer's expense. However, it is too big to fit in my car, so I'd have to arrange a pickup by FedEx or UPS. I'm not sure how that works or if there's an extra fee or not?

I paid $646.92 for the sub= $599 + $47.92 tax. I am selling it for $525 FIRM, plus shipping. Of course, anyone that lives close enough to me at zip 14845, they are welcome to come pick it up.

I will not have the time to take and post pictures until Saturday, and will do so then unless someone snatches it up beforehand...

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As promised, some photos. If a buyer needs, I will throw in a free sub cable of decent quality, as well as a really nice Sonic Wave Y-Splitter (either a male to 2 female or a female to 2 male, your choice)...








Here's the one blemish I mentioned...



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