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Q-man's System!


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I had John post my Pictures to show my center channel LaScala, now look what were discussing. You never know where this B.B. will lead you. I do hope this info. helps, because many of you helped me out along the way. I wouldn't have the system I have today if it wasn't for most of you & this B.B. When I logged I just had one pair of stock LaScalas. Now I'm broke & happy & owe it all to you guys.


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A hand rubbed finish is an old way of beautifying & protecting wood furniture,it was used before top coats like varnish, Lacquer, etc. came along. A common sence kind of thing, oil repels water. It's use today is limited, because it's very time consuming and needs to be re-applied once a year. It's used today on teak furniture, because teak is an oily wood & a top coat won't adhere to it. It's not used over paint, paint would prevent it from being absorbed into the wood. It's used over raw or stained woods. It's basically Boiled Linseed oil which you mix with turpentine, 1/3 turp. with 2/3 oil.

Wood is porous & soaks this stuff up.

I'm glad you brought this up, because it's a finish an amateur can do and all you need is rags. It just takes hours of elbow grease, days to dry before you can re-coat and should have at lease 3 coats. It's also a finish that's easy to repair. For scratches, just rub on some more oil.

No, this room isn't an add on. Although I did add on another family room after taking up so much space in this one. When I built this house 19 years ago this room was designed for my stereo , which was a pair of LaScalas.It's 16" by 29".

I did just finish drawing up the plans for a new house. One with a seperate H.T. room away from the rest of the house. It's designed for K-horns all around & doesn't have any parallel walls. It's horn shaped with the front stage at the throat of the horn, 23' across the front,35' across the back,and about 38' front to back. The back half also has a raised floor for the second row of seats. I'm not sure when this will happen. My wife won't let me move of this darn island, and land is so expensive here compared to the mainland. I also wouldn't have to worry so much about hurricanes if I lived on the mainland. Last year we had to board up and evacuate and hope our home was here when we returned. I had visions of my Klipschorns floating away.


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It's been some 25 years since I used a foam brush. That,s what I used on my first pair of LaScalas. I did a terrible job on filling the screw holes & plywood ends. I brushed on a polyurethane satin finish over the stain. As I remember the foam brosh does lay down a rather even finish. Just have alot of brushes on hand, they wear out fast. The foam is kind of nice becauce it can be used to soak up an area where the polyurethane was put on too thick. And this will happen inside the bass horn. For those using urethane , give the surface a light sanding after the first coat drys. The first coat will raise the grain of the wood, & it will feel rough. Everyone is afraid to sand after the first coat, because the sanding makes a lot of scratches. Not to worry, the second coat fills in the scratches & produces a smooth finish.

JMON, with paint I'm not sure how the foam brush will work. My thoughts are that a paint might be too thick for a foam brush. If it is too thick, mix it with a thinner.A thinner also helps reduce brush strokes by allowing the paint to flow. Just experiment some on some scrap wood untill you get it right.


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Tony Reed,

Any sanding sealer will do, as long as you get one you can brush on. Some are only made to apply by spray, such as the ones I sometimes use. Most dry milky & chalky, which means they sand easy & smooth. They do fill in small imperfections & will help after you putty or bondo. It will help on those plywood ends. I normally only use it on pourous rough grain woods like oak & ash.You can apply up to two coats under a stain, as many coats as necessary under a paint.


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Damned!! Mamma Mia! c'est dingue!!

Here in Belgium the only fools with a multichannel Klipsch system are the one with the Micro Quintet stuff!! I've never seen something like that in my entire life (22 years, OK not very much...)!! This is simply GREAT! Would you care to invite me in your house next summer? I'll take the Alien 5DVD box with me! :-)

Don't you have a lot of standing waves in your room with so many massive woofers pounding around? Mabe your room is acoustically treated?

And why do you use such massive amplification?

Is that for more sound pressure, or does it help to get better bass?

I'm asking that because I'm getting new (second-hand) LaScala today, and I plan to drive them with a little Musical fidelity amp (2 x 35W). I listen to all kinds of music, but with a lot of rock and electro. My room is 45 square meters.

I printed your picts (huh...I mean the picts of your system of course!!!) and with your permission I will scotch them on the wall :-).

I want to show them to a friend who only likes JBL columns (berk!).

What are you planning to add next? I think a Velodyne HGS18 with 18" driver sub would be nice, don't you think?


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Standing waves don't seem to be a problem, that I know of. The walls have 3 1/2" insulation over block. The norm in Florida is 3/4" with firring strips. Other then that , just carpet on the floors & wood sutters cover the one window in the room. So nothing special.

The 35w amp. should do just fine. I didn't pick my receiver because of the wattage, but I still wouldn't use less then 100. I want to be protected from clipping. My volume dial does reach 12:00 at times.

Next will be DVD audio, & digital T,V.


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no subwoofer in that sytem?

you're missing out, although i must admit the bass must already be pretty good and plentiful.

but what about one or two of the new Klipsch subs to complement the system?

that'd extend the bass lower and give more impact to explosions.

obviously you would turn them off for music.

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