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Just ordered some RF7II's, a 64II, an amp/preamp and a sub!


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Welcome….your area usually dictates what a good deal is. I know in Australia they are MUCH more expensive than in the states. RF7lls are currently $2600 for a pair new through Klipsch. Used speakers are a great way to get into the audio game. A quality speaker will last a long time….decades.

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Just swapping one sub out made an improvement to my eyes, have to test the ears later. Also wanna do some SPL checks with the test tones and movie scene at reference volume and see what happens.


Dual VTF's



One FV15HP and one VTFMK4


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Pics and observations:


I like the finish better than the Hsu

Amp knobs with the "clicks" are a lot easier to adjust when trying to get the volume right for audyssey, and trying to hit a certain spot in general

Prefer the matte finish to the Hsu. Hsu shows touch spots from an arm or hand, FV15HP does not

Love that it is slightly smaller

Think the full face cover (can't see ports) looks better, especially with dust

The way it was packed with images on how to unpack was well thought out

Fit in finish over all seem to be a step (slight) over that of the Hsu


Beefy power cord












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One thing I want to offer to anyone reading this in the future, if you get something like 7ii's and a 64ii, spread them out. I spent over a week moving crap around to get a better freq response with REW, end of the day the 7ii's and 64ii sound soooooo much better spread out from each other. A triangle is a good thing, it is amazing what 8 feet apart vs 10ft apart does.


Moral of the story is, the pretty chart does not matter if the ears do not agree (same thing I learned with video calibration).

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