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A question or two for the turntable gurus


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I have known a number of "high endish" belt drive turntables - some suspended and some not. I would agree with Thebes that in my experience the non suspended turntables , provided they had substabtial mass were the best performers for belt drives. I have moved on to an idler drive turntable derived from a lenco system. The buider has mitigated the many issues that idler drives had in the past, and makes a turntable that is truly remarkable - the best by far that I have owned and perhaps the best I have ever heard. Without the cartidge drag experienced on belt drive turntables the music comes alive with greater detail and drive. Unlike a lot of audiophile whooey there is a very real reason for the improvement. A high torque motor drives the platter rather than pulls it. The result in awesome!



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and my vote as well for thad's remark - a bit late though - I was gone when this post came up

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Hi Thebes,


Not out of vinyl per-say but I don't get a lot of listening done at home anymore. Most of the time its on the road. Its hard to schlep a TT with you.


Sad to say 90% of my listening is now digital. Its just so convenient and with decent headphones and flac files it ain't half bad. Well that or I am getting used to it.


Still got the 1000 records my wife let me keep.  :)

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I would spend a lot more on the table to begin with. Carts add flavor. I like having a few decent ones around.

In this era of DIY a robust used network, those old price ratios are out of step.

I'd spend $2500 on a used table and start with a good high end mm cart. Part of the fun is figuring out what you like. There is no 'right' with cart sounds.

I like the higher end audio technica carts. They're not out of place on a $10k table.

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