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Two Channel Rig for sale VRD, NBS, Basis 2001


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Ok, I need to raise money to pay for some things for my kids. I do not listen to my stereo enough (maybe one a month or less) so................
Everything is in great condition and performs flawlessly, ZERO defects.
While I would like to sell everything as a bundle I know that might not be realistic but the NBS and VRDs will not be split.
Amps are about 4 years old and the preamp is about 8 months old. All bought new from Craig.

Cash price for the VRD / NBS combo with extra tubes is $5000.00
Cash price for the turntable with all the extras is $3000

I have all the factory boxes except for the outer TT case and cover. I have the turntable arm, suspension pods, cartridge, ect boxes.

Located in zip 78418 and I am willing to meet from Corpus Christi to Dallas rather than ship. Of course you can come here to pickup.

All shipping, insurance, etc to be paid by buyer.

Price is firm but if you want all to make one NICE two channel vinyl system I will sell the VRD / NBS / Basis combo for $7750 $6750 OR
the VRD / NBS / Basis with approx 475-500 albums and a VPI 16.5 cleaner for $9000 $8000.

VRD Amps
Options below:
Penta KT-88SC
2- Mullard CV4004
2- Mullard CV4003
2- Mullard 5AR
Upgrade resistor/caps
Top plate and transformer bells were powder coated in “Wet Black”

NBS preamp with LO and HO phono stages

  • Upgrade Hi Z output caps to Jupiter HT flat stacks
  • 1- Add optional Low Z 12AT7 cathode follower output for 2nd set of outputs
  • 1- Optional; Basic Low Output Moving coil step up

Comes with all the spare tubes I have which includes an additional 2 pair of matched Quad KT-88s and all the small tubes I have. Guessing around $750 to $1000 worth of extra tubes.
Below is the price I paid with prior purchase discounts (shipping and powder coating not included as that was extra).
Amps $3548
Preamp $2704
Case $350

Basis 2001 turntable with Graham 2.0 arm upgraded to 2.2
Ortofon 2M Black cartridge with approx. 50-75 hours $750
Fozgometer $300
MintLP protractor $100
Measure it 2 $120
Spare new belt
Precision bubble level $60
Tinted Cover $350
Clamp $495
DIN cables











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bump for a Holy Grail setup. After all you went through to get the VRDs how you wanted them its too bad you're deciding to sell them. Good luck with your sale

Thanks but it's just stuff, kids come first.

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