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Recommend a new(er) AVR for me


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I currently have a Marantz SR6004 but the center channel emits static and two of the hdmi inputs play no audio.  My current setup is 3.1:

RF5 fronts

RC7 center

10" Onix Rocket sub


I will definitely not go beyond 5.1 anytime soon.  I care more about sound quality than I do all the latest apps/networking etc, though it would be a welcomed addition to my setup.  Audio quality is priority though.  My living room is about 13x18 with hardwood floors, so pretty small.  The majority of use is currently TV/Movies, but again, I want the audio quality to be there when I listen to music. My seating position when watching tv is about 11 feet away, with the L&R speakers being 12-13 feet away.  I only need 3 or 4 hdmi inputs and one output.


So, with a budget of about $400, what would you guys recommend on the used/refurb market to go along with these RF speakers?  I like the Marantz sound compared to the older Yamaha/Onkyo with these, but I have heard that some of Yamaha's newer offerings are less harsh than they used to be.  I have an RX-V1700 in the bedroom, and did not care for it with the RF's.   What about Cambridge Audio's Azur offerings?  Would the 50w/ch in the 351 be enough for the RF's?  I have 110w/ch right now with the Marantz, but highly doubt I've come close to needing it in this room.

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