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  1. Subwoofers only at the rear of the room?

    Same experience here wvu
  2. Klipsch Sub10 down for the count?..

    Polk? I don't think so
  3. La Scala packing question

    I'd buy those raw birch for 1200 and be done. They are almost identical to mine and that's what I paid as well
  4. FS: RF-7’s, RC-7, RS-7’s - Black Ash

    My rc7 got damaged exactly the way you described even though it was very well packaged. Seller did an outstanding job but I guess the weight of the drivers is just too much to ship this way
  5. Do you need to see inside the engine and transmission before you by a new car?
  6. I think you'll find the cf4 has a more laid back sound than the rc7
  7. Not these, but a pair of CF-1 for $450 delivered?

    I used cf1s for rears for a while. Now 2 channel in the bedroom. They sound much larger than they are. Also great bass response.
  8. I realize the benefits of corner placement but the khorns I heard in hope not flush against a corner sounded just fine. Better than fine
  9. 60 or 70th anniversary Klipschorns because of the enclosed backs not limiting placement

    Maybe Chad or someone else from Klipsch can answer this, but I would think so with the wireless adapter

    You can only expect so much from a 10 inch subwoofer.
  12. One of my customers who owns a shop has on his invoices. "Satisfaction guaranteed for those who can be satisfied" I don't know?
  13. No Christmas tree is going to make any of my audio stuff move. Gotta get your priorities straight
  14. Lascalas play lower than 55hz. I've heard it with my own ears. Now how many db they are down at that frequency is probably a lot, haven't measured. Also I agree the mids are way more pronounced than the lows which makes me wonder why so many hate the al crossover since it attenuates them 6db. Seems like this would be desirable
  15. forum

    I'll miss you Dean