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  1. Everyone Thank you all so much. I appreciate the support more than you can know
  2. Thank you all so much.
  3. Hope Pj gets better soon. We love our 7 year old pug Maisy.
  4. When I discovered Klipsch I found myself listening to stuff I would have never considered before and I have to credit my wife for a lot of that also. Used to be pretty much a 80s 90s hairband listener exclusively. But acoustic guitar sounds so good on lascalas! Now I have a very wide range of music in my library from frank Sinatra to avenged sevenfold and everything in between
  5. Just because something is different doesn't mean it's better. I agree with and have a ton of respect for Roy on this subject.
  6. Lascalas, rc7,2 sub12s, rw12d, cf1s, had sf1s, and at work I listen to a pair of the satellites from an older iPod dock. They sound amazing for a small speaker
  7. I want to hear direct, not reflected sound. Toeing them out guarantees you are hearing a lot of reflected sound. Might as well get some 901s if that's what you want
  8. Car accidents are not contagious. Covid19 is. Big difference
  9. I disagree with the myth that a smaller speaker is "quicker" a larger speaker doesn't have to move as much as a smaller one. There is no such thing as fast or slow bass. Only accurate or inaccurate.
  10. Look at databass website for unbiased tests and reviews
  11. Jtr. I have the captivator 2400 and love it
  12. I've been saying this same thing for years but always get told "oh you're wrong you don't know what you're talking about" audyssey sucks all the dynamics out of your speakers. It does guarantee mediocre to poor sound at every seat though lol
  13. What you're doing is exactly what I do at work and it sounds fine. Ran through an older pioneer avr and some klipsch rvx speakers. Everyday for 9 hours phone volume at max and have had no problems
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