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  1. One of my customers who owns a shop has on his invoices. "Satisfaction guaranteed for those who can be satisfied" I don't know?
  2. No Christmas tree is going to make any of my audio stuff move. Gotta get your priorities straight
  3. Lascalas play lower than 55hz. I've heard it with my own ears. Now how many db they are down at that frequency is probably a lot, haven't measured. Also I agree the mids are way more pronounced than the lows which makes me wonder why so many hate the al crossover since it attenuates them 6db. Seems like this would be desirable
  4. forum

    I'll miss you Dean
  5. SOLD: Klipsch 12" Subwoofer Driver ($45 shipped)

    I have both of those subs, 2 sub12s and 1 rw12d. The drivers appear to be the same physically so they should interchange. Quite a difference in the sound of the two but that could be a result of port design or something else over my head. Also front firing versus down
  6. New Sony OLED

    I'm confused, how can you use a tv without removing it from the box?
  7. What I Got Today!

    Rw12d subwoofer. Tried to post pic but it was too large I guess. Great price 200 bucks well worth that. Slightly better than my sub12s although I don't think it plays as low it does have more punch. That could also be because it's right behind my sitting position and front firing
  8. Crossover and speaker settings - Help Please!

    Well they're popular to me and I choose to let them play full range and use my subs to augment the bass, not take it from my mains.
  9. Crossover and speaker settings - Help Please!

    I have heard both sides of this argument and understand the pros and cons of each but my question is, if you're going to neuter your mains by hardly sending any bass to them, why not just use a bunch of bookshelves and let your subs handle all the bass. I mean what's the point of having 15 inch drivers that only play from 80hz up?
  10. Favorite SS Reciever for 2 channel listening

    That's what I'm using with my lascala's
  11. Favorite SS Reciever for 2 channel listening

    Canuck Audio Mart Home > Amplifiers > Solid State FOR SALE: BOSE 1801 Classic Power Amplifier from the 70's - 400 WPC/4 Ohms EXPIRED Report Asking Price: CAD $650.00 Payment method: Cash, Money Wire, Interac/EMT Shipping weight: 40.82 (kg)Calculate Shipping Condition: 8 - Very good Date Posted: Aug 22, 13 4:04pm #649076654 About the item This amp has been serviced and had recommended mods done before it came into my Mechanical Dimensions: 1801 7 3/16" H x 18" W x 18 1/2" D (Including Knobs) Weight: 1801 82 lbs Power Requirements Voltage: 105-125 AC USA, 210-250 AC EUR Frequency: 50-60 Hz Power Consumption: Minimum 60 watts Normal 1000 watts Maximum 1960 watts Integral Design™ Amplifier Output : (both channels operating ) 250/250 watts @8 ohms 400/400 watts @4 ohms Harmonic Distortion: (THD) @ 250 watts Less Than .15% (20Hz-5kHz) Less Than .5% (5kHz-10kHz) IM Distortion: (4:1 60-7kHz) 150 watts Less Than .15% Frequency Response: 20Hz-10kHz ±.25dB 10kHz-15kHz ±.7dB 15kHz-20kHz ±1dB Signal to Noise Ratio: (unweighted) -100dB £.5mV across 8W at zero volume Load Impedance: 4 ohms or higher Input Sensitivity: 1.5 Vrms for 250 watts output into 8 ohms Input Impedance: 50,000 ohms or higher http://audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=499313 Includes Bose 1801 Amplifier United States UK / Europe More in About Us A/V Forums Advertise Links Avoid being scammed! Privacy Policy Terms of Use Contact Us Dealers Support Us Services Featured FAQ Find us on © Canuck Audio Mart. 2000-2017
  12. So how awesome are Heresy III's? Want to see?

    Even on my phone this sounded good. Very clear
  13. WTB La Scala II in Walnut

    Kinda off topic but do the lascala 2"s sound much different than lascalas? I like the one piece cabinet better than the two also
  14. Khorn sealed but lacking

    I have what is according to some one of the best ever avr"s. A denon avr 4311ci and it was much better than my previous lower end onkyo but when I added the Bose 1801 power amp it made a world of difference. Just cleaner, clearer sound more dynamics and louder without sounding strained at all. I highly recommend a separate amplifier even if only for your mains like I am doing. Thinking about getting getting another 2 channel or better yet a 3 channel amp for the other speakers in my system