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  1. 2 sub12s an rw12d and a jtr captivator 2400 all this way currently
  2. Why not? I have subs that have been configured this way for over 4 years with no problems
  3. Set it to be on all the time, not auto on
  4. This is what I ended up doing
  5. I agree this last post seems like the best option. Thank you. The only pictures I have of my current front end are on my phone and I cannot figure out how to post them on here. Nothing special though birch raw lascalas with cane grills, black rc7, rear projection 82 inch Mitsubishi that's going away and 2 towers that my wife refinished in black to hold components on each side. A thrift store find for 25 bucks lol. painted a 1 by 12 black and placed across the top of those to hold the rc7. Worked well but wanted to try the center lower. Thanks guys
  6. Yeah I might wall mount it. Just makes me kinda nervous
  7. Currently have it above my TV, but changing to an 86 inch and would like to try it below the TV. The stands I'm seeing don't seem to have enough height between the shelves. Need minimum of 9 inches. 10 would be better. Any suggestions?
  8. That crossover looks like it has about 6 Ford starter solenoids in it
  9. We will be using this option
  10. Welcome to the forum but please spell Klipsch correctly. I think they would sound pretty good probably but very un klipsch like since they offer no horn loading. Not even the midrange or highs are horns.
  11. Welcome to the forum but please spell Klipsch correctly
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