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  1. I'd choose the Porsche over the new vette also
  2. I'd vote for the cap 4000. I have the 2400 and it is awesome
  3. nitrofan

    Classical music?

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm finding that I do prefer the baroque style of classical music
  4. nitrofan

    Classical music?

    Will do thank you. Oh btw I have lascalas and 4 subs, one of which will play down to 10hz with authority (jtr captivator 2400) so playing deep bass is not a problem. I'm excited to find some new to me stuff to enjoy!
  5. nitrofan

    Classical music?

    So I've mainly listened to classic rock my whole life, with a little folk rock thrown in. But I want to find some classical music I might like. Right before the final fight in John Wick 3 a song plays that I loved, but didn't know the name of. Turns out it's a cover of Vivaldi's "winter" Can anyone recommend similar songs that I might find enjoyable? Thank you for any suggestions.
  6. If the horn can be crossed over low enough a 2 way can sound really good. However having said that, I prefer a 3 way speaker for the exact reason you said.
  7. The same as they were the other 5 times. Each flip is a separate event so 50 50
  8. Ok, now that makes sense. Maybe there's not a setting for all channel stereo, I don't know as I don't own this product. That would be a legitimate complaint if you were expecting the bar to function this way, but there is no setting offered to make it operate this way. Sorry if I came off as rude, that was not my intention.
  9. I really believe you are wanting your system to do something it's not meant to do. The majority of the time the surround speakers will play nothing, and this is normal. When there is no content sent to them they will be silent or close to it. Unless you're listening in all channel stereo or another similar setting
  10. I bought that exact receiver a few months ago just as a cheap option to get by with until I found a better avr. But I am so impressed with its performance I haven't looked for a better replacement. I am confident It will be a fine combo.
  11. Most fuses say 250 volt on them if you look, even the ones we sell for automotive
  12. Eldon how do you hook up a car head unit at home? Some kind of 12 volt power supply? Maybe I'm missing something or not thinking
  13. In high school I drove a bright yellow 68 Camaro pioneer deck and pioneer 3 way 6 by 9s. Man I wish I still had that car
  14. As far as the sound goes, a few years ago in Hope they were demoed in the same room as khorns and rf7s. I preferred khorns over them, so did my wife. They did sound better than the rf7s. Wonderful midrange, voices really lifelike but khorns better overall
  15. I use some Klipsch speakers at work, don't know the model sorry. I think they came from an older 5.1 setup similar to quintet's. Anyway one of them was missing the nut for the binding post when I got them. I work at an auto parts store so I found that the nut from either a 3 16ths or quarter inch compression fitting worked perfectly, threaded right on. Can't remember which size but it's one of those 2.
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