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  1. nitrofan

    YouTube Music sound quality? Khorns

    To me that is an indication that his system is coloring the sound, not reproducing it faithfully
  2. nitrofan

    Amazing new Speaker tech

    I replaced all the fuses in my fuse panel of my 2001 Lexus and all I can say is wow, my stereo never sounded so good! Bass was tight yet perfectly balanced, highs were shimmering, but not strident or harsh. I listened to Diana Krall and it was as if she were in the passenger seat right next to me. I could smell her perfume which was very clean and rich, yet not overpowering with the perfect balance of fragrance and aroma with a slight hint of cinnamon overtones.
  3. nitrofan

    Noobi Receiver Help Request

    More is better
  4. nitrofan

    Help buying new TV, old one died (TV bought!)

    Bedroom Sony went out a few weeks ago and since this is only used for casual watching before bedtime I didn't want to spend a lot on a new one. So I went to Walmart and picked up a hisense 55 inch 4k smart tv with 120 refresh rate. So not bottom of the line but it was on sale for 248 dollars. Has a great picture and the blacks are super dark while whites really pop very vivid. Really think I got about the best tv I could for that amount of money. Very pleased. That Sony was 14 years old btw. Don't know how the sound is on the hisense. Use an older kenwood integrated and a pair of cf1s for sound in there.
  5. nitrofan

    Klipsch Home Theater

    All those things will depend on your room and how far away from each speaker you are and to a certain extent your personal preferences for bass etc. It would be impossible for anyone to make these recommendations without knowing a lot more information and even then it would just be an educated guess. I am not a fan of audyssey at all but in your case I would say run it and fine tune the settings from there.
  6. nitrofan

    Need Help in finding the right AVR

    I'd definitely go with a year or two old top of the line avr over a brand new lower tier one. Love my denon avr4311ci. Went from a lower end onkyo to it. And yes I use a separate amp for the front lascalas and it was an improvement.
  7. My lascalas sound best and image best when they intersect a couple of feet behind me. Maybe the difference in the horns between them and the reference series speakers?
  8. nitrofan

    R115 too big for the room?

    If your subwoofer will fit through the door to your house it's not too big. And if it won't, make the door hole bigger or move
  9. nitrofan

    Advice for Beginners....

    I will add this. I, like most people have listened to and loved music most of my life and have always had what most people would consider a better than average system. But when my wonderful wife convinced me to give Klipsch a shot everything changed. (She grew up in Hope and knew many Klipsch employees) I guess like Woody Harrelson said in white men can't jump I was listening to music but not really hearing it. Now when I listen to music that's all I'm doing i give it 100 percent attention. And I have found my lascalas begged me to listen to a much broader range of different types of music. Stringed instruments really shine as do certain drums. I don't know if the things I'm talking about here can be measured or not but Klipsch has made me love and appreciate all kinds of music I would never have given a chance otherwise.
  10. nitrofan

    R-115 Movies vs. Music

    It will give you more gain but will not change the maximum output of your sub
  11. nitrofan

    R-115 Movies vs. Music

    Could it be that you have your sub set to play lfe only? There is a lot of itin most movies but none or very little in most music
  12. nitrofan

    Mixing & Matching Klipsch Series

    I haven't heard an rc64, but I love my rc7. It is waaaaay ahead of the other klipsch centers I have tried. Kc25 and rc3.
  13. nitrofan

    Need speakers for a Klipsch p-27c

    Whoever did that should be beaten
  14. nitrofan

    Klipsch at Work

    I use these with a cheap 8 inch sub and an older pioneer avr. Sounds great for what they are