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  1. nitrofan

    Your first?

    1 was 42 when I first heard belles. Couldn't afford them so bought lascalas a few months later. Now have an rc7,pair of cf1s, 2 sub12s, and an rw12d subwoofer. Had a pair of sf1s and sold them. I made myself a promise never to sell any Klipsch again. Love them all
  2. nitrofan

    Trying to buy a matching center

    I agree with wvu. Get the best center you can. You will not regret it
  3. nitrofan

    Home Theater set up for TV...?

    I know direct tv you can select from 480 720 or 1080 for video. And there are different options for audio as well
  4. nitrofan

    Home Theater set up for TV...?

    The uverse box defaults to stereo output, I guess to make sure it works on simple setups or just when you are using tv and not an avr. Go into the setup and change it to surround sound or 5.1 whatever the better option is. I think this will make a tremendous difference in both audio and video quality
  5. nitrofan

    Amp for Klipsch RP-250F

    You or your speakers won't notice a difference between 80 and 100 watts, but every receiver or amp will sound a little, sometimes a lot different.
  6. nitrofan

    50-60Hz hum in my system

    Sorry I may have misunderstood your setup. Only using pc as source?
  7. nitrofan

    50-60Hz hum in my system

    Check and see if the hum is being caused by your cable or satellite coax by leaving everything hooked up and disconnect it. If so rca ground loop isolator will help somewhat but you will lose bass output. You would need a ground loop isolator in line with the coax which does work with no degradation in sound.
  8. nitrofan

    frequency response

    Listen to a pair of lascalas or khorns and see if you still feel that the frequency response makes those smaller speakers better.
  9. nitrofan

    Goodwill Find

    Wow. Lucky find for sure
  10. nitrofan

    Does the Epic series have matching surrounds?

    I used a pair of elevated cf1s as rears for a while and really liked them. Lascala mains and rc7 center
  11. If you haven't seen wonder woman the sound is very good
  12. nitrofan

    Center for CF-4?

    I agree with wvu80 100 percent
  13. nitrofan

    Emotiva vs. Denon

    I have the Denon avr4311ci and yes adding a power amp did improve the sound of my lascalas
  14. nitrofan

    Subwoofers only at the rear of the room?

    Same experience here wvu
  15. nitrofan

    Klipsch Sub10 down for the count?..

    Polk? I don't think so