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The Klipschorn Motorboard?

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I would like to see smoke turbulence pics

a doubt you'd see much or any turbulence.  First of all, there is no air flow through a horn, because there isn't any source or exit for air to flow.  Rather, a sound wave is a very minimal to-and-fro of pressure and rarefactions that stay in place.  See http://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/sound/Lesson-1/Sound-is-a-Pressure-Wave.  Also see this Youtube demo of wave motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7qS6SyyrFU.  Notice the slinky doesn't travel, just waves of alternating compressions and decompressions that stay in place.


Moreover, sound waves have little visible movement at the throat -- the reason they are so efficient.  Moreover, audible frequencies probably move faster than the eye can see.


My guess is that only a very powerful, very low-pitched bass wave generated by a high-displacement woofer would produce visible movement of either the driver or the air pressure column.  I suspect a high-efficiency horn would not be producing that kind of visible wave.


Just a suspicion, mind you.

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I'll have to check... On the pair I still have one is a clone, but the real one still has a sticker on the back. The came with a generic eminence that someone had put in them. I have a pair of k33 I got from jwc.

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Looks like there were several versions of the splitter bar for the Klipschorn. I suspect that the La Scala and Belle may have had different configurations as well over the life of their respective productions runs. Attached is a drawing of one of my Klipschorns made after meticulous measurements; ya gotta remove the tailboard and screen material to get up in the guts of the horn!



Sideview throat dimensions FINAL.pdf

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