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Tubes for Faital pro HF200 and Beyma CP25's

Pete H

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Getting prepared and gathering components and settling in on the next build and I would really like to try some tubes on the mids and tweets without spending a lot of money.  I'm looking for value for the first tube amps, not greatest and not a cheap POS, value.  I no nothing about tubes so no clue about how much power I need to the HF200's (primary starting point) I'm not ready for all the technical data at this point so please keep this basic as I really just want to get an idea of what this is going to cost and start looking out for a good deal on what I need for this application.


I do run my gear pretty loud so I don't want to err on the low side from a wattage standpoint, but I'm very aware that I don't need ridiculous power ratings as my Sansui rarely shows 10 watts on the meters and more commonly is ticking around 1-2.


Don't ask me my budget because I don't know anymore than what I've stated.  Best Value



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possibly a DHT "45" would be the best solution.

That's exactly what I was thinking!  UHHHHHH, what's a DHT "45"  :P  Beginner here. 


DHT stands for Directly-Heated-Triode, "45" is the tube type (also NX-245, CX-345), these are some of the very earliest vacuum tubes to be employed as amplifiers. Most amplifiers that use this tube are commonly referred to as "SET" amplifiers, or, Single-Ended-Triode. "Triode" means that the tube itself only has "Three" or "Triode" components; Anode, Cathode, and Grid. In the case of DHT's, the cathode requires a fairly complex resistor network to supply the voltage necessary to "heat" the tube. As this voltage is also in the signal-path (therefore it's audible) many designers have resorted to DC heating as it's less "noisy". However, as a "45" and 2a3's are heated with 2.5v (as opposed to 5v in the case of 300b's) some designers feel that AC heating if done properly, yields a better sounding amplifier. The "45" is considered by many (including myself), to be the finest tube ever designed. However, it's power limitation (3 watts max) and cost preclude it's use in most applications (super-efficient Horn-loaded Tweeters notwithstanding). This tube is the best of everything. Absolutely sublime.


TS Matt.

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