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Cornwalls - Rochester, MI - $500


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I already sent the seller a message so I will wait until I hear back from him. They look nice from what I can see in the two pics



Somehow I figured you'd be all over this. :)



Not that I even have anywhere to go with them....

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If interested, many of the estate sales are listed on Estatesales.net & many include numerous pictures for pre-viewing.  The good ones are anyway.

If you do attend one, my area shows you'd better be in line 1-2 hours BEFORE they hand out numbers (depending upon the level of goods available) as the regular re-sellers will be pre-assigning the line up for entry WAY before the estate sale worker bees are even on-site.


The current Detroit area sales listings are here:



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CL ad - Deleted   :(



So much for that, they are taken down.


I suspect that listing a pair of Cornwalls in nice shape for $500 probably drew more fire than they were ready for....or drew sufficient response for them to rethink the offering price. 

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