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Dole organic bananas from Ecuador

Jeff Matthews

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I don't know if it's because they are from Ecuador or if it's because they are organic, but they taste much better and last longer on the counter-top than all the other brands I've bought.  The difference is well worth the extra 15 - 20 cents per pound.


Compared to Chiquita from Honduras and One Banana Co. from Guatemala.  I don't know what others I might have had, but I was surprised at the difference.

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I believe they are.  I've not really paid attention before.


The reason I bought them is because the regular Chiquita bananas had almost run out, and what was on the shelf were already too ripe.  So, I grabbed the organic bananas, which still had some green in them.  


I eat bananas every day, and so I try to buy them a little bit green.


There is no doubt that these organic, Ecuadoran bananas are qualitatively different.

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