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Cornwall with ALK crossovers

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I just installed a set of ALK AP12-600 and ES5800 crossovers into my Klipsch Cornwall's.

I am using a Conrad Johnson PV12 and Premier 11a.

The original crossovers were the Klipsch B3 type. These were not bad at all, at the lowest levels I usually listen too.

But, I frequently listen at higher levels so I thought I'd try the ALK's.

They are a very nice improvement indeed. I did set the tweeter level to -5 on the attenuator, it was set at -3 from ALK.

I left the mid range set to -6 db .

The bass seems to be firmer and a bit more defined. There seems to be a bit more snap to blues and jazz drumsets on the recordings I just listened too. The mid range has a bit more clarity and a bit less blare, I have the original Klipsch metal horn and ceramic driver, which I believe to be a klipsch made driver just after the Heppner series.

The Tweeter is also a ceramic K77m metal horn. I actually find the tweeter to sound just fine, but my hearing is a bit compromised after all these years. I did a test with a signal generator and I can still hear to 17K.

I do notice an improved sound stage as well. A bit more depth and locations are well defined, more layers to the instrument positions. At a few moments I felt the stage was wider and some sounds appeared to the out side of the speakers as well.

My first impression was the B3 crossovers were fuller bodied , but upon further listening the ALK are the clear winner with better clarity, detail and imaging. At lower levels they sound fine. I was afraid after reading reviews, the lower levels would be compromised , but I do not think so.

The B3 crossovers are congested at moderate levels and beyond, probably at lower levels too, its just not objectionable at the lowest levels.

I paid as much for the crossovers as I did for the Cornwall, But I am well satisfied so far.

billy z

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I've had the B3s before too.   They aren't that bad with a recap.

K33 ported sounds much more snappy with ESN.

 The original B3 caps measure right on with my rebuilt Heathkit IT28.  I had previously installed a Stainless Steel screw thru the Coil as the original one was magnetic.


 ESN ?  extreme slope network ? 


 Been doing some more listening and I'll keep the ALK's. Its like now I just enjoy the music.

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