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passive radiators


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This is what Tom's passive looks like. Is this salvageable? We know about simply speakers, but I heard they are not taking orders. If this is the case, are there any other companies you guys can recommend to rebuild this passive? 


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If you have the right measuring equipment and 1 good chorus, you could put in a run of mill passive from PE and add weight until you get the tuning as close as possible. The trouble with having a different Thiele/Small spec on the passive is that is made for that box and that woofer for a specific tune. You can increase the mass of the passive's cone but you cannot decrease it. You also cannot influence how stiff the passive is (CMS). It's a tough problem, but without the T/S spacs on the Chorus' passive, you are flying in the dark without instruments.

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In a way, that passive looks like a K-33. Could it be possible that they used a K-33 without the magnet as a passive? 


Do you have any pictures of the back frame and are there any little numbers stamped anywhere??


Here is my K-33 redo thread. The pics look a lot like what you have there, but I can't see the frame etc in your pics. Wouldn't that be a stroke of luck...



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