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  1. Replacing my old 7.1 System

    Hi History Kid , Ive never heard of the rp-260fa , do you mean the 280-fa
  2. Klipsch Forte

    Welcome to the forum , did you go look at them?
  3. Welcome musiced, a KV3 is a nice center for the 5.5. Even thou the 5.5' s have 2 10' s , I would still use a sub.
  4. Baseline Settings for Pioneer Elite D3 MCACC Pro

    Sorry for highjacking the thread but Im looking at the pioneer elites (sc-lx801) and some equiavlent yamahas if anybody knows anything about them.
  5. General thoughts on Klipsch for HT?

  6. General thoughts on Klipsch for HT?

    Welcome to the forum Vasubandu.I have heard Paradigm in 2 channel but not in home theater. I have KLF 20s for my fronts , KLF7 for center , KG.5 for sides and KLF 10s for rears,and 2 15" subs,3 12" subs. Who ever hears my system, loves it . You can hear every detail no matter how quiet or loud it is. Ive heard a few systems and I know im biased but I do love my system.
  7. Klipsch 64ii help

    There should be 2 brass pieces of metal that look kind of like a z that go red to red and black to black or you take them off and you can bi wire them.
  8. Hey Roughlytraded, did you pick up the chorus 1 s
  9. Chorus II

    Welcome Dustin, What is the problem with the original woofers? They can be rebuilt.
  10. The rc62 is much better than the jamo
  11. Welcome roughlytraded, my son had 5.2's and I have chorus 2. I know there not chorus 1 but I love these speakers , I think there awesome. There is definitely a big difference .
  12. Starting a Home Theatre

    Hi Silentknight , Look for some rf62s, rf82s,klkf10. They will all be used but they will sound a whole lot better. Build by buying a piece at a time. You will thank yourself in the end
  13. Help with an A V R

    Hi everybody, I need some help with looking for a new A V R . Im thinking about getting into atmos so im looking at a couple of receivers. The receivers im thinking about are YAMAHARX-A2050 9.2-Ch PIONEERElite SC-LX801 from Accessories4 less My son @dtr20wants me to buy a Denon AVR - x5200w that he has that I can get a lot cheaper.His is a couple years older but I dont think things changed that much. Sorry if my post looks weird , Im learning how to use a computer as I go Thanks in advance
  14. Suggest a Receiver for five KG 1.5 Speakers

    Do you have a subwoofer?
  15. Klipsch rp-140 SA.

    if it is open to the sub floor I would get something like a kg.5 and just mount them in the correct locations and aim them down