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  1. TomR

    KLF - 10 or KM - 6

    The klf 10 is an awesome speaker . Ive had mine now for around 17 years and they still sound awesome. When shopping you will have to check out the cabinets because they come unglued but dont worry about it , just a little work and you will have great sounding speakers.
  2. TomR

    improve look for forte 1

    My son @dtr20 will chime in soon and help you out . He is very good at cleaning them up . My chorus lls were a lot worse than that and thet look and sound awesome now.
  3. TomR


    whats seems to be the problem? Have you tried them without the sub? How far away are they from the the wall /corner? If they are for 2 channel only , I would get a 2 channel receiver . My chorus lls sound better with a 2 channel receiver than with a home theater receiver. Ive tried an onkyo 717 , an itegra home theater receiver , an sx780 pioneer 2 channel ,a parasound receiver . The 2 channel always sounds better to me and its not just a slight difference. the chorus always sound tinny , no bass on a home theater receiver, put it on a 2 channel receiver and they wake up .
  4. TomR

    Chorus II's vs Cornwall III's?

    I love my chorus II's for 2 channel and I think they are the best all around speaker you can get for the footprint they have. with that said ,I have heard cornwall lll's and they are a very good speaker but I have never heard them side by side . There is a stereo shop in N H that my son ask if we could bring in the chorus ll's and play them side by side with cornwall lll and forte lll and the owner said yes so we might do that.
  5. TomR

    Now part of the family!

    Welcome, my first klipsch where kg 3.5 had those for a few years and then wanted more, I bought klf 10 s in 2002 and still using them as my rear surrounds cause I got a pair of klf 20s a few years ago from my son @dtr20. There awesome speakers and I dont think I willk ever get rid of them.
  6. TomR

    New Belle Owner Advice Please

    Welcome Tomg, my son @dtr20 has belles and knows all about that stuff , he should be along soon and tell you all about that stuff.
  7. TomR

    R28F v. RP280F

    If you cant afford it , look for used . You can get an older speaker in the reference line or klf or kg which will sound better and be cheaper.
  8. TomR

    RB-5 IIs - wow

    There is to much room on one side , Im sorry to say it but you probably going to have to get a bigger tv to keep everything even .
  9. I'm not trying to get in trouble.,I just dont know how to use a computer that good. I was typing home theater shack one time and for some reason all that came up was ho shack and my girlfriend was sitting right on the side of me and watched me type it and I still got in trouble
  10. You wouldn't believe how much trouble I get into with my son and my girlfriend when im on a computer
  11. Ive heard rf7s , forte llls , cornwell ls and cornwell llls. For me the cornwell llls are the best sounding. They fill a room more than the other speakers do and the sound and detail are awesome.
  12. TomR

    KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    You wont regret it, there awesomer
  13. TomR

    KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    Did you pick up the klf s
  14. TomR

    Placement of large surround speakers

    My hometheater consists of klf20 front , kv3 center, kg.5 sides , .klf10 rears. I have the klf10's in the rear corners . They are tall enough to go over the couch so the tweeters are at ear level. I have a very big room ,its 16x28. Not to toot my on horn but to me and who ever hears it loves it. With klf30 and klf20 yours will sound awesome
  15. TomR

    KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    I have klf20's and klf10's . My son @dtr20 has klf30's and rf7's. With that said , we have Crites tweeters and fixed cabinets and rebuilt crossovers. With all that ,I think the klf 30's are a great speaker , way better than rf7. The klf20's are a great speaker and I think they are better than the rf7. Like @SWL said , with a little work they will be awesome. Crites tweeters are about $70 , you will spend some money on the crossovers unless you rebuild them yourself. If you did get them , you will have an awesome hometheater and great 2 channel