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speakers for outdoor patio?


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I'm looking at having some outdoor speakers that will go on my covered patio in the back yard. Currently I'm looking at three Klipsch options: CP-6 outdoor speaker, R-1800-C in ceiling speaker, and the CDT-3650-C II in ceiling speaker. 


So first off, I've never been a huge in ceiling speaker person since I don't really care for the sound coming down from the sky but I guess for outdoor speakers they are generally mounted up high anyway. Plus, it is just the outdoor patio which isn't my main listening anyway.  I was first looking at the CP-6 and they sound really good. However, thinking more about aesthetics and a cleaner look for the patio I have been leaning towards going with the in ceiling.  As far as sound goes, I didn't hear much difference between these two in ceiling speakers (1800-C and 3650-C)...I know that one is 8" versus 6.5" but for roughly $100 per speaker more, what do you think about the 3650-C?    


One other thing I was wondering about was the ability to tilt the woofer with the 3650-C, which perhaps might help in "aiming" the sound better. The salesperson I talked to didn't think it would matter much. What do you think?


As for my use of these speakers, I don't plan on having big parties and blowing out the neighborhood. I save my rocking for the inside with my towers :) So they don't really need to play loud. But I do like a balanced sound.

I'd appreciate any comments, thoughts, opinions on comparing all three of these...


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I'm building a new back patio / pergola right now.  My plan is to use the R-15PM's out there.  They're very portable and just need an outlet.  They can use bluetooth or hookup an iPhone or laptop via line-in.  I'm purposely trying to avoid hardwiring and hanging some outdoor speakers.  Just my preference.

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