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SOLD: Klipsch KG5.5, Great sound! Local New England


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The latest victim in the "honey, those don't match the new decor" discussion are these Klipsch KG5.5.  Sonically they are great. I wanted to try out one of Klipsch's bigger compression loaded offerings, and the profile on these fits my space, but they have to go.

Missing the floor spikes. A few marks to the veneer. A few pulls to the cloth. No show-stoppers.  

Come have a listen.

$400 OBO.
Trade options (+/- cash as appropriate): 
- Myst UK equipment like a tma3 integrated, or G-Ohm separates.  
- Wellard Research Studio Monitors















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Thanks for the comments.  They do sound great.  I've had KG4 in the past and these are way easier to listen to.  Much better balance.


For what it's worth, the serial numbers are not sequential, but close: ....181 and ....183



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I finally made an account just to answer this. I'm out on the west coast working for a bit, I live in NYC and head up to your area pretty often. I'm absolutely interested in those beauties. I totally expect them to be sold quickly, but, if for some crazy reason they haven't sold when I return, I'm going to be there with transport to rescue you, your Honey's decor, AND those sweet KGs. I will of course give you a heads up first. 

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