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RW-10d Power Supply


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I have an RW-10d and the LCD display doesn't come on and if I hook up audio input I hear nothing. The fuse is fine. 


I took the back plate off and I have 120V AC on the power supply board; However, the CD+ to CD- voltage reads as 0V DC.  I presume this means that the power supply is bad.  I'd just prefer to replace the entire board if possible.


I contacted support and they told me "Unfortunately we no longer have the amplifier for that speaker available. You may need to locate a replacement using a secondary market". Any ideas where I can get replacement parts or what I should try?

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Welcome to the forum.


You could also try these guys.  My buddy sent his RW-12d amp to them and the turnaround time was near 2 weeks and cost around $150.00 shipped.  That was a couple of years ago so price may have changed.




They are an authorized Klipsch repair facility.





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5 minutes ago, jason str said:

Not worth sinking money into in my opinion, unless you are attached to this unit its a good time to consider picking up something new.

You do have a good point.  I have used my RW-10d almost daily since 2008 and it has never even had a hiccup(cross fingers), but if it does fail I most likely will just replace it.  Works great in my bedroom HT system but fell way short in my main family room rig.



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