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Wanted Single 2000 Walnut Oil Klipschorn

tom b. 57

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I have one in excellent condition and would like to find another in very good to excellent condition.


I also have a single 1952 Klipschorn that I would love to find a mate for.


If I could find one or the other than I would have a single of one to sell.


I originally was going to set up a mono system but have since abandoned that plan.


I am in Western Washington, Seattle/Tacoma area.



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The 2000 Klipschorn is in near mint condition. The only reason I would not say mint is because of the age, but it is in beautiful condition.


The 1952 is in, what I would consider good condition. 


If and when I can find one or the other to make a pair, I will surely let the other go.



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27 minutes ago, Budman said:

hope your still in your teens, could be a long wait :D

I know. I will probably acquire a single of any other year before I find one of these two.


Wish the hell I was still in my teens. I would probably have two good knees again.



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