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Ht setup via panamax surge protector


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So im finally ready to set up all my klipsch speakers and denon avr. Im new to this. I bought a panamax surge protector that has 9outlets but unsure where to plug the subwoofer, tv and denon avr into?? There are 4 outlets labelled "bank 2-high current outlets" and another one labelled "bank 1-Linear filtration". Please helpppppp. I dont want a thud from the woofer.  Thanks everyone! Happy new yearsimage.jpg

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This is directly from Panamax...



Problem: Most "line conditioners" or filtration devices use generic circuits (capacitors and inductors) to filter AC line noise. Although these basic internal components do their job dutifully, improperly tuned filter sets (or generic circuits) leave behind unwanted harmonic noise which is detrimental to system performance and is unacceptable in a Power Management product. Most high performance Home Theater devices (Blu-ray Disc Players, Pre/Pros, Digital projectors) benefit greatly from high quality noise filtration. The more the resolution (1920x1080 or 1080p) the greater the results with quality noise filtration.



Problem: As electricity demands change in your Audio/Video system and throughout your house, voltage delivery can be constantly varying. When current demand changes (ex. dynamic passage in movie sound track or large flat panel display with varying content), current draw changes dramatically. When your AV system or household draws more amperage, the voltage can drop, compromising AV performance. Although agency certified appliances and equipment operate normally under minor voltage variations (5% over/under), optimum equipment performance can only be obtained with stable power.



Problem: Noise throughout a household or Audio/Video system is a legitimate performance robbing issue. Adding an AC line conditioner reduces or practically eliminates AC line noise, however connected AV products are sources of noise themselves. Whether it’s a DVD player, audio receiver, HTPC (or media center), these are sources of noise themselves.

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