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Klipsch Forte speaker outputting very low volume


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I have a pair of Forte speakers that I purchased a few months ago. They were working perfectly and sound great, but recently the right channel speaker started to output very low volume. To be clear, there is signal. I hear the sound, but it is very low. There is no issue with the source, amp, preamp, or wiring. I tested all of them. There were a few occasions when a phone was connected to the soundsystem using a 1/8 inch jack while the system was powered. This causes a loud pop to come through the speaker. Is it possible that something "burned" when this happened? How do I troubleshoot the speaker itself?


I appreciate any advice. Thank you!

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If you're sure it is not the amp, I'll assume you did the typical R-L swaps.

Then you'd have to dig into the speaker itself.

My guess is the x-over has gone bad.

The easiest way to access the drivers and x-over is by removing the passive radiator on the back of the Forte.

Check the drivers, voice coil etc. make sure nothing has come loose.


Crites Speakers should be able to supply you with updated x-overs and any other parts you need.

It's also a nice idea to install his titanium tweeter diaphragms.


The video of my Fortes may prove helpful.




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What's missing from the sound of that speaker-bass, midrange, treble, or all three?


I refuse to believe all three drivers are being impacted by a bad crossover as each element is driven in parallel from the  input terminals on the crossover. I suspect maybe one driver or one segment of the crossover is bad.

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The ""LOUD POP" you heard more than once while plugging sources in with the speakers powered up probably caused the problem to begin with.  It will either be in the driver(s), the crossover, or an upstream component (probably in the amplifier section).  It is NOT GOOD to plug things in while the amplifier is on and the speakers are on...ESPECIALLY if the volume is turned up!


My advice: Once you solve the problem, try very hard to not continue causing it....just saying...

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