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FS: DIYSoundGroup Type Speakers (TD15M + Seos15 + DE250) MD/DC/VA


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I have speakers based on the following design by Bill Waslo: 


Parts, including wood, cost me $1,150. 

I'm asking $850 in other forums - I'll accept $750 from fellow Klipsch forum members. I just don't think you can get similar performance anywhere near that price. 

They were constructed with 3/4 Baltic birch. I did not apply a finish - so the new owner can stain/finish to their liking. 

If you are not local, I may be able to ship the parts. 

If you are interested in parts (AE-TD15M-8ohm, B&C DE250, SEOS 15 Horn), let me know.  

PM me for pictures


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Did you list a price and location?


I've seen the schematic for the SEOS 12 with the TD15M but not with the SEOS 15.  That speaker ought to bring the house down in terms of sonic goodness.


I have several SEOS type speakers, all are fantastic.



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My zip is 20817.  Klipsch forum members price is $750 ($850 everywhere else). 


These are absolutely great speakers and, although I personally don't like to listen loud, you are right in that they play clean at even extreme volumes. 


I know many here will gladly drop $800 - $1000 on Cornwalls, or $1,000 - $1,500 for Lascalas, or $2,000 to $3,000 for Khorns, but maybe little uncertain about dropping $750 for DIY speaker - but I promise you - you will not be a disappointment. Bill Waslo is a very much respected designer in the DIY community. The crossover was well designed and provides a seamless integration between SEOS and the TD15.


This speaker has a performance/price ratio.



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Final call before I part them out. 

Price drop to $700 for Klipsch form members. 


I already have an offer for $550 for the woofers alone. For $150 more, one gets $100+ worth of crossover components, $220 worth of Baltic Birch cabinets, plus $210 of compression driver and $75 SEOS waveguides. 


Think of these as Conwalls on steroids :-) 

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5 hours ago, dkalsi said:

Final call before I part them out. 

I'd hate to see you part out those fine speakers, but you've gotta do what you've gotta do.


Did you list them at AVSforums.com?  The DIY'ers there might be interested.



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11 hours ago, DizRotus said:

The dilemma is that DIYers are . . . DIYers.  The DIY crowd, (snip) would want to do it themselves.

In a really odd way, you are exactly right!


It's always tough to re-sell DIY speakers for the cost of the parts you have in them, no matter how good the speakers sound.

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You guys are absolutely right. I'm actually the same way. Even though sometimes you can purchase another person's DIY project for less than the parts alone, there is still hesitation because you want the excitement to build it on your own. 


The Acoustic Elegance TD15M drivers from these speakers have been sold/shipped. 


I will be selling the SEOS15 Horn and B&C DE250 drivers separately. 

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