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Bottlehead Stereomour SET Amp w/ Lots of Nice Tubes - $750 *SOLD*


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Item: Bottlehead Stereomour SET amp w/ impedance switch kit
Price: $750 + shipping SOLD
Location: Franklin, PA 16323
Payment: PayPal (FF or +3%)
Trades: High quality preamp to mate with Jeff Rowland Model 112


I bought this not long ago, but my system has taken a turn in a different direction (non SET friendly speakers). I got a great deal on this setup, and I'd like to pass that same deal on to someone else.  The tubes alone are a nearly $600 value!


The Stereomour looks great and sounds even better. It puts out ~3.5 wpc which is enough for my old Tekton Lores in a medium/large size room. Match it with a preamp with a little gain (I happen to have one of those too, if you're interested) and you'll have plenty of volume.


There are a couple dings in the top of the walnut base. See photos.  The JJ's are a little loose in the socket, but the other tubes are nice and snug.


Here's what's included:

Stereomour amp w/ impedance switch kit and furniture quality walnut base
10 different new and NOS driver tubes ($10-$15/ea)
JJ 2A3-40 output tubes ($260 new)
Electro Harmonix 2A3 Gold output tubes ($130 new)
Sovtek 2A3 output tubes ($100 new)
Shorting plugs for setting hum pots
Additional walnut base w/ Bottlehead logo


34771119623_41c9e42268_b.jpgBottlehead Stereomour amp and Tekton Lore speakers by Audio Database, on Flickr


34812154833_f7b93d62c2_b.jpgStereomour and JJ 2A3-40's by Audio Database, on Flickr


34831621894_b00f0f631a_b.jpgBottlehead Stereomour and Custom 12sn7 Preamp by Audio Database, on Flickr


36454461505_b610496753_b.jpgIMG_20170805_081103 by Audio Database, on Flickr


36317292371_d366f5984f_b.jpgIMG_20170805_081113 by Audio Database, on Flickr


36317221861_8f5d57284e_b.jpgIMG_20170721_170801 by Audio Database, on Flickr


36317218881_d5776f5183_b.jpgIMG_20170721_170832 by Audio Database, on Flickr


35646468683_73b09fb056_b.jpgIMG_20170721_170840 by Audio Database, on Flickr


36317216281_c754513431_b.jpgIMG_20170721_170902 by Audio Database, on Flickr


36454390865_54c0a36283_b.jpgIMG_20170721_170918 by Audio Database, on Flickr


36317214051_e962e520a9_b.jpgIMG_20170721_170929 by Audio Database, on Flickr





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10 minutes ago, Schu said:

no headphone option?

How noisy is the amplifier... I have seen many of the bottleheads that are plagued with a hissy noise floor.

No headphone option on this one.  I don't find this amp noisy at all.  Even with my ear to the speaker (Tekton Lore) it's very quiet.  


I should also note that this has the optional impedance switch kit and can also run 45 tubes.

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I always wanted to listen to a 2A3 amp.  Your amp is gorgeous and I bet it sounds sweet with La Scala's and the like.  It's not the right time for me but I'll bet this fantastic unit does not take long to sell.  Good Luck.  You're going to make someone happy for certain.

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22 hours ago, opusk2k9 said:

I grew up in the Franklin/Oil City, PA area.  Small world.


Nice looking and I am sure sounding amp.

Good luck with your sale.

Small world, indeed.  I grew up in Oil City and moved back to Franklin after military/college.  Despite the area's shortcomings, we love it here.

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