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Linking The Three


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 So I talked a buddy of mine into buying The Three as his wife has banned big old stereo equipment from her brand new living room. He and his old school stereo will be banished to a loft with the obligatory mega TV. His kids stream via Spotify, which the excellent review posted in the Klipsch Announcements  forum advocated for use with The Three. My question is, it states in the review that additional The Three units can be placed throughout the house and linked together, can The Three also link with The One? Are there other Klipsch Wireless speakers that could be used in concert with The Three? Thanks in advance for any help, I am a bit out of my league with this whole new fangled contraption.

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 Well my buddy solved his own problem by buying 2 of The Threes, he is now streaming Spotify and says the sound is tremendous. He was already the owner of a pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers I had talked him into. So he was expecting great sound. Another happy Klipsch customer. My work here is done. I've got to start charging Klipsch commissions for all of the equipment I have sold for them.

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