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Looking TO BUY A Cartridge for a Technics SL 1210: 2M Blue or Bronze, Super OM 30, Denon DL-110, AT 150 series (AT 150MLX or 150Sa), or AT 440 MLa, MlLb or new VM 540, etc?


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1. JohnJ:  Is the AT33PTG series likely similar to the OC9 series that I was looking at? If different, how? Where are you getting it from, etc? These are all in the $400-500 plus price range.

Maybe we should chat over the phone. Let me know via PM.

As for the ProJect Tube Box DS, the price just went down another $100 or so as they have a new, more expensive and different looking version just out. I have never A-B compared it anything else. To be honest, I had the chance to buy one at a good discount when I bought the ProJect TT last year. But based on my ears, the phono preamp has worked just fine with my TTs up in the DC area, and with no need to change any settings. MM carts only.


2. wvu80  / Dave, oh well, how our memories fade until reality steps in.  I thank you for the kind offer, but don't worry about the oopsie. :)


3. Thank you Diz Rotus. 


4. Thank you dirtmudd

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That amp just sounds great and when they come out with the model 3 and cut the price in half on the 2 I might move up... but not in a hurry. It has enough options.  The DS2 has way better THD specs on paper for way more money.


Biggest difference in the carts is that the OC9 are available here and AT-USA will replace when you wear it out or have a problem. The AT33PTG is from overseas AT-USA told me that if I went that way and time comes for replacement they would do it but I'd get an OC9 series cart from them (unless they offer the AT33 here then). Price was $25 higher and waiting for it to get here from Japan.


The one I'm getting just had reviews more consistent with flat, spacious but not clinical sound. Yea I know the www take it with a grain of salt. The emphatic manner in which the things I read about this cart compared to the AT150MLX and the OC9ML\II got me going for this one. I'm flat-out sold on the micro line depth and sound. Now I've heard the difference the TubeBoxDS made in my AT440MLb mm and I'll state it did add warmth and\or life to the sound. No loss to the clarity in the mids or highs or the awareness of the depth of the instruments and voices that I love the AT micro-line carts for. 


Since the 440 was too light for the new tt I started looking again. The impedance is a little lower, cantilever slightly shorter than the ATOC9ML\II. It's going to be a bear to go through all the necessary adjustments (have to pull the cabinet out from the wall) but pretty sure this tt will reward me.


You follow the Caps? or who?

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1. As for the phono pre amp, the new version needs a few independent reviews. Likely will say it's better, but at a price. For me, 1 issue is that if I go MC, I might need a 2nd phono preamp to use when in NOLA. The one have there is only good for MM carts.

2. What did AT say the charge would be for a retip of the 33 or OC9? If AT does the retip as an OC9, which version, the II or the III? The II has the thinner stylus from what I have read. Therefore, despite the III being newer, the II might be more desirable. Who did you talk to, time to do the retip, did you consider Soundsmith retip, etc?

3. Who are you buying the 33 from? I think I saw it on Amazon, although some suppliers are not in the US.

4. From the pics, the 33 has a very short cantilever. Maybe the shortest I have seen.Do you think this will be an issue during set up and adjustments on the headshell? What headshell and headshell wires are you going to use and why? What is the expected break in time? 50 hours of use?

5. The Avatar is from when I was at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto perhaps 10-15+ years ago. I was at Michigan for 2 years, so a Red Wings fan. They were great in the early 90s and won a Cup or 2. In New Orleans we are very civilized. We believe ice belongs in a cup with some mixers, rum or vodka, etc....LOL.


JohnJ, I am sure that many folks would like further updates on the 33 including the install process and how it sounds, me included. Have you ordered it already?


THX again   NOLA

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1. Yeah looks like they put the controls on the front with buttons for what we already have of the back with the pins. I noticed the thd was much lower with the new version.

2. On the OC9ML/II he told me $230 something. When we talked the rep said they would not touch the AT33PTG/II because they don't carry it here in the states. Soundsmith.

3. DreamShopJapan @Amazon I got their last one when they marked it for under $500. There is an open or damaged box one for 430 but the seller would not offer any guarantee on it so...

4. They noted this, I can see it clearly, supposed to improve on the OC9s. I've got it dropping on the platter where it's supposed to, the headshell squared, have the battery for the gauge now. When I get started my biggest problem is that I can't get to the backside of the tt in the heavy cabinet up against the wall. I'm thinking of just putting it on the kitchen table to set the VTA and azimuth then putting it back in the cabinet and rechecking everything.

I've got some great AudioQuest headshell leads but this tonearm has the leads coming out of it does not use a headshell so I'm not going to add any more impedance to the equation. The pricey AT carts come with some low gauge PCOCC leads that are probably better than most are. Not sure about break-in time. Researching (googling) it I know it's going to be better than the ort I removed straight from the box. The important thing to me is that I'll get that AT depth and separation back!


5. You say RedWings

     I see Yzerman, Lidstrom, Robataille + and the *** kicking they gave my once pretty good `Canes in `02

     Makes me think Babcock too!


Have a Good One!

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Hello Again:

Bought an AT33EV MC cartridge and a headshell to mount it on. In doing my web research I happened onto a few YouTube postings where someone had recorded the same album tract with different needles. (Even played back through my system, the differences I tended to hear were not great.) Wondering how exactly to do the recordings. I think I could send the signal from my receiver all in 1 unit to my laptop or desktop and record it if I knew how, and I do not know how to actually input the sound. I assume for my laptop, the input would have to be via usb. No idea what software to use either. I now have several TTs and multiple needles along with some cleaner and some more used vinyl. Any thoughts appreciated. Also, if this is possible, could I upload 1 minute samples onto the klipsch forums someplace?


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Hey, that's a collection of endless swapping and adjusting if you'd rotate components back and forth.

Nice choice for the cart. 

I'm sure someone that has gone through that recording process could help you @nola, but get that query out of this thread/forum into it's own?


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