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Best Receiver for my Setup?


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Hello all,


I'm pretty new to the audio community in terms of speakers and I need a little help. What receiver would be best for my setup in the 300-500 dollar range. I want a receiver more preferably on the music side instead of movies. My speakers are all Klipsch and I attached their specs. The speakers are the following:


RP-150M bookshelf speakers

RP-250C center channel speaker

RP-240S surround speakers

R-110SW subwoofer







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Welcome, to the forum! Nice set of surround type speakers, so an AVR is called for. Some do well with 2 channel front speakers for music.

If you are not opposed to used, your money should stretch farther of course.

And there are members who spot deals on new as well.

 Good fortune and you come to a good place here.

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Welcome to the forum.


Your setup should bring much joy to your listening pleasures unless you have a really large room.


If you don't need Atmos, then let me suggest these.  Great bang for the buck AVRs.






With Atmos, here is a nice one.






Now you did mention music as your main use for this system but the brands I wanted to suggest(NAD, Anthem, Cambridge Audio) are considerably above your $500.00 max.





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