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Setting up a 5.1 System


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Hi everyone, first time posting.


I am putting together a 5.1 system to compliment a 4k tv and had a few questions about picking speakers.

I currently have a subwoofer and a pair of R-15m's as part of a stereo system that I want to expand into the 5.1 system.

I was planning on getting a pair of RP-250s' as my rear speakers.


My main issue is picking center channel speakers and whether I need to upgrade my R-15m's to something beefier to match the center channel. I was looking at either the RP-450C and the RP-440C, I am not sure if there is much of a difference or if they will be overkill with just the R-15m's.

So my question is, which center channel would be more advisable, and do I need to upgrade from the R15's? If I need to upgrade, does the left and right channel speaker need to match with the center, or does it not matter? For example, would it be advisable to pair the RP-450C with the RP-280F's and the RP-440C with the RP-260F's or does it not make a huge difference?


I am also trying to pick a receiver, but it is difficult to differentiate between receivers. I am mainly looking at sony 7.2 receivers with HD audio, are they all mostly the same, or are their certain features I should look out for on them? 

And one last bonus question, are the RP-250's better rear channel speakers than regular bookshelf speakers? I am still learning how they work. 


I appreciate any advice you guys can give me.

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@willand: thanks ill probable stick to the 450C then.

@USNRET: Yeah, its my favorite plane and Ive kinda been using that handle since middle school for a lot of online stuff. 


Also, either of you guys have any idea if the STR-DN1080 would compliment the reference premiere lineup well enough?

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with 5 or 7 R-15m as your speaker system.  Perfect sonic match and they are on sale, now.  Don't stop with one sub.  You'll get better performance (louder, less distortion) and more even bass throughout the room with 2 along the side walls, or 4 mid-wall on each wall.  Klipsch has some subs deeply discounted, now.  


Save more money, buy more subs:

https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/category/avreceiver/home-audio/receivers-amps/home-theater-receivers/1.html?number_channels[]=7&gclid=Cj0KCQiA6enQBRDUARIsAGs1YQgtUnsYffbAQyVY8n0j7R1UN7spbXvXir5_e3MQDoWMb8ZaGU6GXz8aAssfEALw_wcB&home_audio_key[]=100-120 Watts


In the consumer, or near consumer grade gear,

1- Marantz

2- Integra

3- Denon

4- Yamaha

5- Sony

Technics before Pioneer. 


Buy a receiver rated over 100 watts.  Few will deliver rated power into all channels at once, anymore, but you'll surely get 60 or 70 watts/ch from all at once during a Transformers battle and that will be enough.  The Marantz SR-5011 may be an exception.

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