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Heresy II vs Forte


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Morning all,


My last foray into classic Klipsch was a set of Forte where I couldn’t survive the demo.  Possibly part of it was the hard room, and possibly part of it was the Carver receiver it was hooked up to.  However, I left them at the seller’s home, as their sound was not for me.


Now a set of Heresy II have come available locally, and I am curious to if they are worth pursuing, based on my experiece with the Fortes?


Welcome your options, friendly Klipsch community.

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Sound would be similar with the fortes having a lot more bass output.


Tons of factors will affect sound, as you stated.  Room, placement, source material, amplification, many many different things.


All things being equal though if you didn't like the fortes you might not like a lot of other Klipsch models.

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Room acoustics are EVERYTHING. You likely heard the Forte's in a bad room.


As wuzzer said, the Forte's sound similar to the Heresy's but with a lower low end. Once you go there, you will not want to go back.


But if a pair of Heresy's come up, ****** them and  you WILL enjoy them, but do what I did and add a subwoofer when you can.


I added a passive, Klipsch kg subwoofer and it's made all the difference, while retaining the Heresy's great character.

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On 16-12-2017 at 9:03 PM, wuzzzer said:

Sound would be similar with the fortes having a lot more bass output.


To my hears the Heresy's are much more refined in the highs. Similar to the Cornwalls. The Forte's are more forwarding sounding. You are right about the bass output (forte :-)

Here is a picture of the Klipsch Heresy III next to the Klipsch Forte III.


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