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Quartet with Crites upgrades VS Chorus II bone stock

upgraded Quartet VS stock Chorus II  

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  1. 1. upgraded Quartet VS stock Chorus II

    • $724 Quartet w/Crites upgrades
    • $900 Chorus II stock

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  • Poll closed on 02/19/18 at 05:48 AM

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20 minutes ago, geoff. said:

The question I have is WHAT existing pair of speakers will you get rid of to make room for the new pair, and where are they going?











Semi unrelated, but a pair of JBL 240Ti my be entering my collection in the next few hours.



My System

Main system : Panasonic TC-P60ST60 plasma; Denon AVR-X6200W; Outlaw 5000; CARVER AV-806X; Klipsch RSW-10 sub; modified Klipsch Chorus II Fronts; modified Klipsch Forte II center; Klipsch Chorus II surrounds; modified Klipsch Academy rear heights; JBL L20T3 front heights; Mogami 10ga speaker cables, Mogami interconnects; custom gaming pc 

Secondary system LG 47" LCD; Onkyo tx-nr818; CARVER TFM-42; JBL L100T3 Fronts; JBL L40T3 Center; JBL L100T3 Surrounds; Mogami cables; custom htpc/server.



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Chorus II,  most likely my next pair of speakers myself as physical space (and wife) would not permit even a pair of CW's let alone LS or above models. 

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Normally when these questions are asked, people will vote for what they own.   In this case, i have no shame in saying i am a bias Chorus II owner.  I do however understand the size issue. Bigger is always better, but if you have a small apartment or small room, the Quartets will be great.  If you can talk the Chorus II owner down closer to the upgraded Quartet cost, its a no brainer even if you live in a tin shack.  If the significant other thinks they are too big, you slam your nuts on the dresser with authority and she will understand.

I ended up selling 2 pairs of La Scala's and kept the Chorus II, not just because of size and easier ability to keep throughout a lifetime,  but because i felt i needed to invest way too much in 2 pairs of new networks to replace the degraded and hated AL's and i also needed to invest in bigger and badder set of dual subs to match for movies and eventually find a single La Scala for center and upgrade those crossovers to match as well.   So i totally understand the size issue among other issues.  Do i regret it? Yes. I wish i would have kept 1 pair. But, i love my Chorus II as far as overall balance for 2ch.  I prefer them over the Cornwalls ive heard or KLF-30s or RF-7 II's. Short of KHorns, La Scalas or going PRO, there's not much better than the Chorus II even in stock form.  So like Dean mentioned, you buy the Chorus II now and you save up for a pair of crossovers from him, and now @jjptkd is figuring out a way to use the John Allen A-55G driver with adapter on the Chorus II's.  

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Unrelated to my own thread, but here are a pair of JBL 240Ti I just bought yesterday. 85lbs, and 14" woofer. Everything is correct and in perfectly good working order, and only missing the original feet. These will be taking front stage in my JBL room.


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