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Broke a UM 18


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Well, I have damaged one of my precious UM 18 drivers.  It is the one furthest away, 28 ft.,  from the MLP.  I had previously had a full Marty or Deep invader in that position...   The poor thing, Mini Marty, just was not the huckleberry to stand up to the task.  The driver is still under warranty, should I pursue it or just stick with 7 subs.  I can't say the HT misses a beat without it.


3.6.2018 FR.png


Now, this could spur off another debate on how are the subs setup, gain matched, level matched, etc.. since none of the 8 subs are symmetrical.  Then of course there are the I Nuke settings which can blow a driver.  There are other methods to set the subs to a system in this case.  Most are not widely known and are personal customizations.

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These graphs are 20 ft. from the screen at the MLP.    I am thinking about an end or coffee table build.  Something near-field, far-field is covered by 3 of the other subs.  Any ideas?  The Deep Invaders are in the far-field.  I don't need to go lower, just looking for creating a balanced system.  I have already broke enough things in the house, lol.

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Although Mike, eng-399 may see this....I still will argue that your system has the most impressive bass Ive ever experienced.


Eye watering everything shaking cant stop laughing because its so amazing is my description.


Mike gets points for an awesome nearfield that truly represents gunfire as reality...but thats different.


Id replace the driver and simply alter whatever caused the problem....higher hpf or less power etc. 


Dont change a thing.  Its the standard in bass overkill as far as i know.  Ill never forget the first time i saw the cabinets ☺


8 full size fridges

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The intro for Edge of Tomorrow is worth a 200mi trip by itself.  Transformers is scary good.


Each time I have visited i have turned up my volume by about 10db its like an unintentional shaming i receive when i go there.  I would guess we hit 120db easily in his room and only our ears were maxed...not his system.


Then D switches to music mode and can keep up or surpass most 2 channel setups.  Rf7s and his are set up beautifully.  


D is also a very gracious host, and a good person in general.  


At this point the sub forum is so slow we NEED a build thread.  Im out of commission build-wise for a while....someone needs to step up.  Carl did but was too fast, we need a nice slow build with lots of pics and discussion. 👌

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