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Help with crossover settings


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I need help with crossover settings on my speakers in my surround system.

This is my system: 


Denon avr-x4400h surround reciever

Emotiva upa7 7 channels amp

Klipsch rc64 ii center 

Klipsch rf83 ii front 

Klipsch rp250s surround(4 of them)

Klipsch rp140sa atmos(2 of them)

Klipsch r-112sw subwoofer(1 sub)


What would you recommend ? 

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Welcome @Mac78.


I agree with @Youthman directly upstream ^^^, run Audyssey.  It does a great job of making your speakers play nice with each other. 


It not only level matches your speakers at Reference level, it measures the room acoustics to make the sound from all the speakers hit your ears at the same time.

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