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Mega listening room


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To tell you the truth, I get really nervous when folks come down here specifically to listen to the stereo. You (mh) are probably the one who will make me the nervousist (is that a good word Ray G?). I figure as long as I have that TV down there I am safe, or at least I have an excuse for it all sounding like cr*p!

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A very nicely prepared building plan and execution, but I've always disliked the look of the add-on acoustic tr*****nt? There must be a better way to integrate acoustical damping into the room.

Building a dedicated listening room will be high on the list of must do's along with the custom home after I win the CA Super Lotto.(Right?) A nice collection of vinyl also.

Klipsch out.

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Living in the Bay Area, it would take the Super Lotto to just afford the land. I have always wanted to do, what I think, are called French walls. Saw them in some palace in Austia. No hard surface. The walls were covered in fabric. I figured to stuff the cavities with insulation and using something like speaker cloth over it. No reason that you could not build in base traps in the corners (Hemholtz resonators maybe).

Jim N

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Well sure, that's a nice rig, but I don't see any klipsch speakers!1.gif

I bet there are still times when Mr. Ma sits down in his comfy chair there in the sweet spot, and the music still just doesn't do it, ya know.

If I'd invested that much time and money in a music room and system, I'd danged well DEMAND some kind of eargasm every time I fired it up.

Even my modest system has the drawback of being expected to deliver me to some transcendent state of consciousness on a regular basis. And although it succeeds splendidly often enough, there is just no batting 1000 in the quest for audio nirvana. Too many uncontrolled variables? I think so. Oh well, we all just keep chasing perfection, and I guess that is part of the fun, too.

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Jazman - I wish you would hurry up and win that darn lotto, so you could upgrade to a VPI TNT Hot Rod and sell me your Scout cheap!

Edster - heh, that room isn't right for you at all. There is no TV in between those speakers!

That is a very impressive setup. I don't know about you guys, but I am pretty impressed with the size of that Vinyl collection.

I must of missed somthing because I can't seem to see his turntable anywhere? I must admit I don't recognize most of those components, but I don't see a turntable unless it's the top left component?

- tb

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