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Wall Mounting R-51M Speakers?

This Old Dude

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What's the best way to mount a set of R-51M to the wall? I'm going to use them as my surround speakers, but sitting them on stands would cause a tripping hazard.


(PS....Please excuse the mess as I'm doing a bit of reconfiguring my ManLand)  





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Hey Wuzzzer, I appreciate the feedback! I could mount the speakers on stands as you describe. I hesitate for two reasons. 1) Aesthetically, I would be looking at the back of the speaker/stand and wire (left of couch) each time I cam into the room. 2) But most importantly, I've got four grandkids ages 3-8 that love to watch movies on Papaw's big *** tv. Kids being kids, it would only be a matter of time before someone tripped over it and cracked a head or speaker. For these reasons, that's why I was wanting to wall mount them on the wall above the couch. Lastly, the numbers always mess me up a bit, but I think my setup is going to be a 5.1.2 (?)

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I recently did just that. I hated the big, multi-tiered, dust collector of a TV stand and trying to clean the speaker stands and the floor underneath.

So I went to Home Depot and got 8 -1/2 inch floor flanges, (4 for the speaker wall mounts, 4 for the glass shelf, 2- 8 in by 1/2 in nipples, and 2-1/2 in

street elbows and a couple of pcs. of 5/8 maple (about 6 by 7). For the shelf I mounted 4 of the flanges on the wall and cut 2-36 in by 1/2 in nipples

(there's that word again, giggle) to length. About 14 in for my use. The reason I needed 4 was because I was to cheap to buy a 4 ft by 14 in piece of

tempered glass and I found a pkg of 2- 14 in by 24 in tempered glass shelves @ Ikea for $15.00. Cleaned and painted all the parts. Even found little

chrome plugs that fit the front showing ends of the nipples.😆.  Put the little self stick baby buggy bumpers all over. Easily strong enough for my RB 61ii's.

Total cost including the TV wall mount about a hundred bucks.

Oh- #10 screws for those flanges.





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