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Cornscalas for $7500

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14 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Since this had already de-railed.

Check this out! 


This fella got to the pair I was interested in for an excellent price, before I could make it happen. I saw this thread days ago and thought what Jim did until just now. Spoke with the craftsman that makes these a few weeks back. He's a gentleman with a passion greater than what some of ours is for good sound.

Note the buyer talking about the packaging.. gotta love it!


What are they? 


1 hour ago, jimjimbo said:

OK then, I misunderstood.  My apologies.


Aw, no need for that. 


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14 minutes ago, tigerwoodKhorns said:

What are they? 

I'd say beautiful!

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Hi everybody!

Thanks for the super kind words.

The sale of some of my speakers recently and the sale of the Hudsons is born of 2 life changes. 

1 I have a new house... different setups and trying to build for my current needs. I lost my 3 car garage which was boat, Wife's ride and storage. Now we have boat and storage... Id like to get my wife back to parking in the garage as its her desire. If you guys have been watching some in the last few months, you'll see I love the cornscala concept... esp with Fastlane horns and ALK crossovers. The rest is just trial and error to make them nicer and even more stoutly made. One of the forum members got my JWC bins with Elpitrac mid and contracts tweeter... thats going to be a monster when done... few weeks later he called for a spare crossover... He ended up with a Triangle port baffles, horns and crossovers... I ended up paying for the development cost of my new monoblock amps... win win.

2nd major issues thats wonderful news, is that I was able to come to agreement with my partner and purchased his interest back in my company. I love to build speakers but intend to only do so on spec. The Demo units which went out for review and were used in shows are available. 

The Hudsons are remarkable in that they are the very best cornscala I could build.... great drivers, amazing custom crossover from ALK, solid build work with finish work to die for.... the Finish was perhaps the greatest challenge of the speaker as its a epoxy and then polished. 


Anyway, hope this helps clear the air. Lets all call it a fancy cornscala... Long live Klipsch and American HiFI!

With that said... I vote the CWIV gets the 510 horn.

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