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Sold! Oak Belles

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Up for sale are a pair of Oiled Oak Belles, 1987.  Not sequential S/N, but close (sequential weeks?).  

In good shape.  Crossovers replaced with ALK's.  Second owner, I have had them for about 15 years.  

Well cared for.  The pictures show the story.  The speaker wires in the pics I will keep; I just didn't disconnect them.  

$2250.00 for the pair.  

Also for sale is a custom oiled oak subwoofer enclosure.  This was created to complement the oak Belle look.  

It originally held Velodyne a 12" subwoofer.  I subsequently put a cosmetically challenged R115SW in the enclosure.

The sub functions as it should.  The exterior had nicked edges and a damaged screen,  There are 4 drawers remotes, etc.  

$500.00 OBO for the sub and enclosure.    

Any Interest?  












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VERY nice!  Someone is sure gonna enjoy those!  GLWS!

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I'm in the Memphis, TN area.  

My listening room was pretty big.  I think the sub helped the Belles.  

I was able to listen to music at lower volumes with more high/low balance, and if I wanted to crank things up, I just dialed down the sub as needed.  


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