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Home Theater Build Out - need advice


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Khornukopia: I believe your statement is true: You can order different thickness of the Owens Corning mineral wool. In my case, all of my son's walls are 2x4 stud. Therefore, in order to get the 15-bag discount, he ordered the 3" thick stuff because that is the majority of what he needs. We simply triple it up for the ceiling joists and it works great!

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Khornukopia: Yes, we do, especially in my son's room with the dual 15" subs and the skewed side walls. My room was measured about 8 years ago be fellow Klipsch Forum member, Dr.Who. At the time, he was an engineer at Shure Microphone in Illinois. My room measured 13Hz-20KHz +/- 3.0 db! His comment: "This just doesn't happen in a home!" He took the measurements 3 times with similar results.

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plumber is coming today to move the hot water tank. this weekend i'll clean up the the items being stored in the room that will be in the theater and then on to framing! after the cleanup i'll take pics and provide layout info for feedback.

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sorry been dormant for a while all! obviously many things have happened since the last post!

HVAC came and moved the duct, and framer is about 75% through.

towards the end of framing, realzied we should probably do a slight additional reroute of the duct to optimize some space and also move from HVAC refrigerant lines to tighten up the ceiling and provide better location for atmos. so this additional work should be done this week, with framing completed right after. i have a line on the door i need and then it's just pre-wire before putting up DD+GG.


i picked up 4 5800 in ceiling speakers for atmos cheap on ebay and 4 of the metal enclosures to simplify installation. the enclosures will be mounted to the joist via the clips and hat channel. I also picked up 2 in walls for the surrounds as the space is so limited i can't use my normal on walls. for those enclosures i picked up 2 of the shallow depth sonance fire backer boxes (pretty much exactly like the atmos ones but big enough rectangular cutout for these speakers).


For these boxes, someone mentioned rapping them in MLV almost. i was considering that, but also considering lining the back/sides with a layer of GG and drywall? would that help as well if there's room or just use a layer of MLV? currently i have no plans to use MLV, however, if i did pick up a 4x25 roll, i could use some for these boxes, but also wondering if i should line behind the ductwork as well (see attached picture with yellow lines of where i mean to put this). also wondering should something like this be put above the flex duct as well since there's not much room there for any insulation? essentially in the back wall there will be a vent for the air in. so my thought is sound will get in from there, but i can have MLV above and behind as an added layer. it will travel to the flex duct which goes up to the kitchen, so having a layer of MLV above that as well is another layer between that and the kitchen. 


i also when i start pre-wiring am wondering if any one has any advice/recommendations for speaker terminations in wall or if it matters?

can i just be using something like this and after connecting it all up back there put some acoustic puddy like i will be using for the outlets?





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also quick note above, that yellow insulation was the pre-existing, i've been taking it down to line the laundry room and other areas and was going to replace this with fresh/new insulation.

a lot have mentioned for the ceiling using roxul or corning fiberglass instead of the regular pink stuff, is that the consensus for the ceiling?  soundproofing company mentioned DD+GG with pink stuff should be fine.

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