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Sold - VPI TNT 3 with TNT 5 Platter/Bearing/Motor Upgrades


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3 hours ago, DizRotus said:


I failed to notice this comment until now.  Are you really aware of our history, or was this merely a clever Detroit area remark?


I seem to remember some story about a speeding ticket or you Prosecuting him or a cocaine fueled hunting trip "up north" that took a turn for the worse. Maybe it was all just a dream.


JK, I do remember your paths crossed on opposite sides of the law. The rest is kind of fuzzy. I thought that original remark would make you smile.

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You have a good memory.  Actually, it was several speeding tickets.  His attorney at the time was named “Weed.”  As part of the plea agreements his attorney offered to send some T-Shirts, which we declined to accept.  He later sued attorney Weed for malpractice.


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