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Louis Erath LWE-I with Super Rare LWE Amplifier - eBay


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Louis Erath was a seismologist and had a very thorough understanding of low frequencies.  The LWE-I's when mated to an amplifier with a Klip Kit were capable of a flat 20Hz to 20Khz.  To find a pair with the custom LWE amplifier that was designed for increased negative feedback is like finding chicken teeth.  Louis and Paul Klipsch were friends and he had a small speaker company in Houston I think it caught fire and he eventually sold it off to Acoustron.  CM Labs developed the 911 that was also custom designed to run the LWE-I's.  His circuit was so secretive that he placed it in a metal can and filled it with epoxy so that it could not be copied. The plant stain on the one looks like it can be removed with a moderate amount of effort.  He did use real wood veneers as well and the equivalent woofer to the K-33 with custom parameters.


He also was good friends with the creator of Parasound if I remember correctly.  Either way imagine better than Cornwall and Klipschorn performance out of speaker just a bit bigger than a Heresy.  They connect via Cinch-Jones connectors because of the negative feedback loop to the amplifier.  I sold a pair to Gary (I forget his user handle) on this forum years ago and I pointed him to a CM Labs 911 version of the amplifier and was thrilled with it's performance.  There is much more to the LWE story and the price is certainly comensurate and I am sure someone could possibly talk him down some.  Very worthwhile checking this set out as you will never see another LWE amp that I can assure you.





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Yes that is an EV T-35/Klipsch K-77 in there.  The woofer was made by CTS and has a square magnet like the K-33 from the same era.  The cone midrange has excellent vocal output and has a sealed back if I remember correctly.  Lots of adjustment on the back.


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