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Studio Monitors for Near Field Listening?

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On 3/4/2020 at 5:17 PM, mikebse2a3 said:

While it can’t help all recordings a well designed EQ appropriate for less than ideal recordings with Tonal balance issues can many times make the intolerable very enjoyable in my experience. 





I love EQ and I've never understood the purist position that one must always use a "direct" mode or bypass all equalization. Avoid the MEGABASS button, sure, and if it's a crappy EQ (especially graphic EQ, I much prefer parametric) skip it, but not all EQ is bad. I do wish more audio equipment had multiple parametric EQ adjustments, not just a low and high shelving, but a low, low mid, mid high, and high with sweepable frequencies and adjustable Q. Sometimes you have to compensate for a room, sometimes you can compensate a bit for a speaker, or even just a recording that's maybe a bit harsh or shrill. I prefer subtractive EQ to additive, though. Being able to pull problem frequencies is usually better than just boosting everything else in my experience. You deal less with weird phasing issues, overdriving downstream components, or raising the noise floor.

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On 2/23/2020 at 3:16 PM, mr clean said:

I heard they were on sale too late. I have been wanting a pair for awhile. I may have to pull the plug anyway.

JBL is selling factory refurbished 530's for $279.00 right now, bought a pair today...2 day shipping included for free.

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