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Horns only! No drivers included!  See  my other ad selling a pair of Faital HF200 drivers: 


Taken from a pristine pair of JBL 4670s that have only ever been used for home theater. They were mated to a pair of 2446J drivers, not included in this sale.


Horns are super clean with no obvious scratches or other defects.  


$200/BO and we split shipping.  If you're going to the New England Vintage Electronics Expo this Sunday March 1st in Nashua NH, I can hand them over in person.  


*Edited for clarity




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On 3/2/2020 at 4:57 PM, PrestonTom said:

I am going suggest that you let folks know a bit about the horns  (throat size, dispersion pattern etc). That will let them know if they can be used in their own set ups. 


Good luck,



Good call, Tom!  Attached is the jbl spec sheet and brief highlights below.  


90x40 coverage


¹U . S . P at e nt N o . 4 , 3 0 8 , 9 3 2 . F o r e i g n p at e nt s p e n d i n g .

Throw: Short Horizontal

Coverage: Angle Degrees (-6 dB): 100 (+23. -23)

Average Range: 500 Hz 16 kHz:

Vertical Coverage Angle Degrees (-6 dB): 40 (+ 11, -11)

Average Range: 2 kHz 16 kHz

Directivity Factor (Q): 10.7 (+1.3, -2.51

Directivity Index (Di): 10.3 dB (+1.0, -1.4)

Average Range: 1 kHz 16 kHz

Usable Low-Frequency Limit: 400 Hz

Minimum Recommended Crossover Frequency: 500 Hz

Axial Pressure Sensitivity¹: 112 dB SPL, 1 W @ 1 m


Construction: Molded structural foam (nominal 10 mm (0.38 in) wall thickness

Overall Dimensions:

  Mouth Height: 279 mm [11 in]

  Mouth Width: 445 mm [17.5 in]

  Length: 236 mm [9.28 in]

Mounting Dimensions:

    Rear Height: 235 mm [9.25 in]

    Rear Width: 400 mm [15.75 in]

    Baffle Cutout Required: (Front mounting only)

    Height: 238 mm [93/8 in]

    Width: 403 mm [157/8 in]

    Net Weight: 2.2 kg [6 lb] 

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On 3/2/2020 at 5:30 PM, babadono said:

Add says mated to 2446J, so does this include the drivers?



Thanks for catching that!  I apologize for being unclear.  The drivers are not included and i updated my original post.  


Price Lowered! $175 and we split shipping

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