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LF La Scala with KP320's?


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Hi Everybody, 


Brand new to the forum and to Klipsch speakers. Kind of an old timer for live sound reinforcement. I like old gear!


I was given a pair of Industrial La Scala LF cabs and a pair of KP320's. 


I'd like to ask the forum for some "spiritual advice" please?


The main question I hope will be easy pickings for the wealth of knowledge this forum has on all things Klipsch is this:

Are these LF La Scala cabs and "full range" KP320 speakers suitable for use with each other? 


The second level question would be:

If used together, do these speaker pairs require an active crossover and bi-amping, or can they be "daisy chained" by connecting the the amp to the KP320's, then on to the LF cabs? 


Details of my investigation into these speakers follows,...


I have tested the KP320's by using them for front of house reinforcement. They seem to be all there. However, it appears that only the upper 1/4" input works on one of the speakers. According to what documentation I have been able to find on the KP320's, the inputs are supposed to be in parallel, so not quite sure what's happening there yet. I will open them up to take a look soon. 


I have only been able to test the LF cabs by meter. Both cabs have reasonable and similar resistance through the 1/4" inputs. 

Interestingly, one LF cab has binding posts, the other doesn't. The one with the binding posts apparently does not have the speaker connected to the binding post terminals, as only the 1/4" input gave a resistance. Metering the binding posts gave infinite resistance. Furthermore on the cab w/the binding posts, there are holes drilled into the terminal panel either side of the `1/4" input. 


Impression of the KP320's so far:

I like them quite a bit. They replaced a no-name set (SoundTech?) of similarly appointed 15" w/horn cabs. The most noticeable difference between the two was the clarity of the KP320's. They brought out details that simply weren't there with the other cabs. I love it when that happens!


OK, I'll press send and wait for your valued input. 





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On 3/8/2020 at 10:36 PM, Dave A said:

You buy old pro gear you need to open them up and check it all out.

I bought a pair of KP-301 II's at one point.  One crossover was correct and one was for a plain KP-301.  Both crossovers had parts falling off the board but they both played.  The tweeters had different diaphragms from each other.  You never know what you're going to get.

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Thank you all for responding. Sorry for the delay in my response here, but I’ll try to do better. Can I use covid as an excuse? I’m not on my work machine and am having trouble recalling my password and got locked out for 15minutes,...

I am in the process of tearing into the Lascala bins now. I will try to send pics when I’ve got my account squared away.

I have opened one bin up and found an EVM Model 15L inside. Looks pristine and is reading 5.2 Ohms, so is probably functional. Fingers crossed.

 I know the 15L is a replacement driver. On this forum I’ve seen some info that says it’ll work ok, but is no K43, or 33. Please feel free to weigh in on that!

The KP320’s I mentioned are working well and I still far prefer them over the previous cabs I was playing through. One of my main questions was pairing the KP320’s with the Lascala Industrial bins. Will that cover the frequencies below the Kp320’s? I am finding that the Lascala bins don’t go down to very low frequencies, according to research on this forum.

I’ll do my best to get pics up soon.

 I do appreciate the support of this knowledgeable group!

Thanks very much,


PS- In response to Randyh: Thank goodness this doesn’t happen too often; the previous owner/operator died. I bought some other gear from him before he passed and his girlfriend remembered that and offered me more gear to buy. When I went to take a look at the gear she asked, “Will you please make those go away?” How could I say, “No”?

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So, that was the first time I’ve ever posted pics in a forum of any kind. Hope they are viewable!


A question I have after getting this far into these cabs is what is the deal with the expanded foam mounting gasket? It’s styrofoam between two pieces of paper. Looks kind of improvised to me,... Your advice as to if that is good enough and, if not, what ideally should be done, if anything at all. The EV’s do have a paper gasket like nearly every driver of this type and vintage I’ve seen. Seems that a less compliant medium would better couple the driver to the bin.


Thanks for taking a look,


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Thank you, Marvel.

 I tried spotting additional gaskets in other posts elsewhere on this site and haven’t seen anything like what I found inside these bins. 

I should have taken a better pic, but the gasket is seen in the pic three up from the bottom. Seems so thick it changes volume between driver cone and baffle?

Still wondering if it’s worth the hassle to lug these, additional amps, x-overs, etc. to the rehearsal space where the KP320’s are or not. Kinda a hassle because these bins don’t fit in any of my cars,...

Thanks again and would welcome any additional input.



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