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Another La Scala Request


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Mr. Jim,  I almost hate to ask and be bothersome, but now, I'm curious.


I bought my La Scalas from a nervous gentleman in Madison, TN that flipped audio gear, it turns out.  He worried me to death over the 3-day return period we have.  It took me that long to realize they were mismatched, but I felt so blessed I didn't care! 


One is 28W186 and the other is 29X610 (with K-55-M and Type AL network).  The first Klipsch I heard were late '70s Klipschorns, with Belle Klipsch rears in a Quad system (😨).  So, I went backward to make them match.  Klipsch built me a new Type AA network for the X model and I found a K-55-V driver in one of those obscure pro audio shops that cater to the music industry. 


What can you tell me about mine? 

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