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Resistance in K-53-K Mids

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Howdy all,


When removing the drivers from my Forte for their refurbish, I spent some time with them as one of speakers had fallen off a chair, and I was concerned a driver may have been damaged.


The woofers and tweeters were within 0.3 ohm of each other on the multimeter.  However, one mid tested at 12.1 ohms, while the other tested at 15.0.


Both were disassembled and inspected, with no apparent issues.  Both also worked fine via a sound test.  However, one is throwing 25% more resistance than the other, making me think (signal and xovers being equal) that it would be more muted on the same material.


Is my conclusion correct, and/or which one is out of spec?  FYI, both are untouched original phenolic domes.

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