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Klipsch HT 9.2.4 w/ La Scala LCR with baffle wall, RP surrounds and pro-180rpc


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Took over 5 years of collection, finally completed my 9.2.4 Home Theatre with Klipsch speakers (minus the subs). : )  I had some RF62 and RC62s initially and @Youthman inspired me to do v2 w/ La Scala. I was fortunate to find a couple La Scala from an original owner to kick start it and rest fell in place after.  I originally had Yamaha surrounds and ceilings and those were the last ones to be replaced.  I thought ceiling won't matter much.. oh boy, was I wrong.  Love those 8" pro-180 RPCs, appreciate the bass from those ATMOS heights for sure!  Lastly, I think for my size of room where surrounds are relatively close to seating, the RP surrounds with the dispersion sounded better compared to my original in-walls.  I may look to have a couple more acoustic panels to cut down reflections more in time.  


What's next?  Gonna enjoy the newly released 25th anniversary Gladiator and Braveheart to test it out. : )


Receiver: Denon AVR-X8500H

LCR: Klipsch La Scala w/ Crites CT120 and A/4500 crossover

Front Wides: Klipsch RP-600m

Surrounds (L, R, RL, RR): Klipsch RP-502s

Top (FL, FR, RL, RR): Klipsch Pro-180 RPC

Subwoofers: SVS PB-16 & PSA v1501df


Projector: BenQ: HT3550

Screen: Elite 1080P3 120" 16:9


Cheers and hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their HT!











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On 6/21/2020 at 1:56 AM, Steliossts said:



How does the psa v1510df sound against the pv16 ultra?




In my room, SVS is stronger below 27hz and PSA stronger between 34-44hz.  I think that matches what people are saying and experiences w/ how SVS and PSA are tuned.  i.e SVS more low end and PSA more of that mid range bass.  I do like the SVS with the parametric EQ and the ease of the app to fine tune the bass.  But for the money, PSA is the winner IMO.  I just happened to find a SVS at a good deal so I couldn't resist. : )

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Wanted to share some things I learned over last few month around my HT.  I'm sure many people already knew about those, but it was definitely an ah-ha moment to me.  The topic was around the benefit of baffle wall, specifically around how it help control speaker boundary interference.  


This was one of the great articles I read that got me going on this adventure: http://www.acousticfrontiers.com/2013322baffle-walls/


I always thought baffle wall looked great, and although I read about boundary interference, I thought I didn't quite need to worry about it because I have all those traps etc.  What got me looking into it more was after I finished my recent update (with added ceiling soffit and additional bass trap membranes), I still found that my LCR, particularly my Center had some noticeable nulls around 70 and 114Hz.  Even with massive bass traps added, as well as playing with my sub EQ and reflection points on the wall, those were little improved.  However, when I simply added a piece of 1/2” thick plywood that is flush with my La Scalas, the improvements were day and night!  I included below a REW measurement of the response without the wall (pink) and one with (green) and you can tell the huge difference.  

The finish has bottom portion of the wall with 1/2” plywood fronted by acoustic foam between the La Scala.  Top has 5” thick acoustic panels flash and behind are 2 2’x4’ bass traps hung on the ceiling/wall. So the space behind the screen is mostly filled.


Net is, I think if you're able, having a baffle wall is worth looking into.  It doesn't just look nice, but will make your HT sound even better!






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Fantastic looking room @Univek! Love the setup. Adding acoustic treatment behind my screen has been something I have wanted to do for some time but it always gets put on the back burner. Definitely on my to do list as I have a ton of echo inside the cabinet that I'm certain is not good for acoustics.

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