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Lots of Completed DIY Class A Amps and Tube Amps for Sale


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My wife and I just put an offer on a new house and I need to down size on some new gear I built in the past couple years (most during the quarantine). I own Cornwall III's and have enjoyed all of these amps with them. 


- Nelson Pass F6 Class A Amplifier (Clone) - $900

- Two Nelson Pass F4 Class A Amplifiers (Clones) -SOLD

- Nelson Pass M2x Amplifier with Tucson board (spare unstuffed daughter boards included) - SOLD

- Jolida JD-302B Tube Amplifier with Parts Connexion Level 1 Modifications - SOLD

- Elekit TU-8340VK with EVERY upgrade offered by Victor Kung including Lundahl Transformers, Takman Resistors, and Mundorf Evo Supreme Capacitors - SOLD

- Nelson Pass BA3 Front end preamplifier - Goes well with the F4s in Parallel or the F6/M2x - SOLD


Send me a message if you want specific pics or have questions about the parts or tubes I will include. Shipping will depend on location and weight.


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Sorry I forgot to mention.  The BA3 Front End preamp I would do $400. It has a Kubota Power Supply, Clarity Caps, Toshiba JFETs, and a nice stepped Attenuator A3 from Glassware. The selector switch is also from glassware and it has 3 inputs and a Tape out I included for my headphone amp. Once I get home I’ll send more pics.  

Right now it has perfect gain for my F6 or M2x but two resistors can be changed out to increase the gain. 



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