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Looking for speaker advice


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I have a technics sa 700 receiver .  With a grace internet radio connected for music streaming.  I am looking for advice on speakers I had rf 63s connected and loved them. But I finally got my dream of a home theater  setup so they went to that. Know I am looking for a replacements I was thinking of waiting until I could find some f 83s. Or does anybody have a suggestion  on some belle vs cornwall vs la scala. Or any other ideas.  Room is 16 x 50 open from one end to the other  with half home theater other half game room. Pool table and an air hockey table.  Thanks for the help

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A corner with no obstructions left or right for a few feet or more is ideal, but mostly right behind the speaker, the shape of the rear of the speaker is shaped to go in the corner and sealed with like that foam pipe insulation stuff or similar. Just to make a sound tight seal not a physical permanent connection.  


And welcome, if I never said it before now.



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I'm driving my Heresy IVs with a refurbished SA-300 in a 12' x 18' room.  My source is a netbook for streaming and discs.  My college SA-200 is in my 400' garage driving Auratone 5CTVs with an Ocean Digital WR03.  The WR-03 is a great adapter that works and sounds very well. 


A 2-channel system in the gaming end of your room would be great.  I'd look at Heresy IV or Forte. 

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