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Please Help!!! Belles or K-Horn?????


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I want to buy a pair of Belles or a pair of K-Horns but I don't know the sound difference between the two. Their are no dealers in my area that have them so how do I decide???? The k-horns I have heard but they are $5k and a pair of the Belles are $3800. I would like the K-horns but I think they are too much money and they won't fit my place. WHich to buy???? I have Krell equipment (KAV-250p and KAV-250a) and I am VERY concerned about bass. I heard that LaScallas don't go deep enough but I have never heard Belles???? WHAT TO DO!!!!???? Please let me know if you have heard them and what the differences may be compared to the K-horns and/or LaScallas..


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I sent you a response curve of a La Scala vs. a K-horn; both were measured in a corner. The Belle will be similar to the La Scala.

The La Scala uses all of the K-horn components. The Belle's bass horn is wider and shallower than the La Scala so, it has a shorter squawker horn to fit into the shallower cabinet. Those are the two major differences in the Belle vs. the other two. It is said this causes no audible difference. The Belle is easier to place in the room, but takes up usable floorspace, unlike the K-horn.

I use 2 VMPS Larger Subwoofers below 60 Hz with my La Scalas and am very satisfied. I'd buy the Belles if you don't have open, solid corners at each end of your long wall. Listen to them for about 3 months and then if you're not satisfied, go looking for a high output, low distortion subwoofer. The VMPS New Larger Subwoofer has an attractive finish and fits the bill, but is unpowered. Klipsch has a new powered sub, the RSW-15, that will work well, too.


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