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Subwoofer isolation - Preventing Room rattle

Bharath Abhishek

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20 hours ago, Bharath Abhishek said:

Hi guys..m currently having a SVS PB 2000 pro ..m thinking to purchase the SVS isolation soundpath.. do they reduce rattling of the things in my room ..m also adding a carpet in my room.. have a concrete floor, walls and windows..and have neighbours living downstairs.. thank you..


concrete windows??  :D


the svs isolation feet are supposed to limit vibrations of things like pictures on walls or other loose items, & they may help with vibrating your neighbors, but that all depends on how loud you run the subs/speakers, 1" rubber feet wont stop much of the bass from transfering to other rooms or apartments when up loud.  

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@Bharath Abhishek, welcome to the forum.


i use the SVS isolation footers in conjunction with... 2 inch rigid foam and a carpet sample. My subs sit inside 4 post stands that I made for my Heresy...


So it’s.. concrete floor, carpet with underlay, wood stand, rigid foam, carpet sample, svs isolation feet.


Any rattle is due to volume.



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